Best 56 Degree Wedges 2021- 2022

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THE CLEVELAND RTX 4 GOLF SAND WEDGEThis wedge also has a lot of forgiving, which is perfect for high handicappers.★★★★★Buy From Amazon
THE PINEMEADOW PGX 56-DEGREE SAND WEDGE the Pinemeadow Wedge is the greatest value for money when it comes to buying a new golf wedge.★★★★★Buy From Amazon
THE WILSON HARMONIZED 56-DEGREE WEDGEIf you like a decent amount of ball spin, the Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge is a must-have.
★★★★Buy From Amazon
THE CLEVELAND CBX 2 56 DEGREE SAND WEDGE you'll get spin, power, and all the forgiveness you need.
★★★★★Buy From Amazon
THE CALLAWAY MACK DADDY 5 GOLF SAND WEDGE This Wedge is an excellent sand wedge that is flexible and adept around the greens.★★★★Buy From Amazon
THE PING GLIDE 3.0 GOLF SAND WEDGEThey have a massively higher bounce, a higher offset, sharper and more refined grooves that foster more spin and friction.★★★★★Buy From Amazon
THE TITLEIST VOKEY SM7 GOLF SAND WEDGETitleist Vokey SM7 wedges are worth a look if you're searching for more spin, power, and stability from your wedges.★★★★★Buy From Amazon
THE TAYLORMADE MILLED GRIND 56-DEGREE GOLF WEDGE TaylorMade: low bounce, regular bounce, and heavy bounce★★★★Buy From Amazon
THE CLEVELAND SMART SOLE 4 GOLF SAND WEDGEas the Smart Sole 4 gives you the resources you need to win.
★★★★Buy From Amazon
wedge for high handicappers and golfers who have trouble scoring in the short game★★★★★Buy From Amazon

The wedge is an essential part of your golf bag, and the best 56-degree wedge is the one that feels comfortable in your hands. 

If things don’t go as planned, a sand wedge can convert a missed green into a par or a double bogey. The wedge is the most popular club used by golfers when practising. It’s the go-to wedge for every shot under 100 yards, which is why it’s so essential.



  1.   The Cleveland RTX 4 sand wedge Review

The Cleveland RTX 4 sand wedge is yet another perfect addition to the company’s short game collection. The Cleveland RTX 4 sand wedge is our top pick for the best all-around wedge for low handicappers because of its style and functionality. The RTX 4’s black satin finish is also really pleasing, making it one of the best-looking wedges on the market as of right now.


The RTX 4 has the same fourth-generation Rotex Face Technology framework as the Cleveland CBX2 wedge. Via the sharpest ‘Tour Zip’ grooves, the most vigorous face milling, and the most accurate laser milling Cleveland Golf has ever produced, the RTX 4 delivers additional spin. The tolerances were tightened to help provide final short game regulation after four life cycles, years of testing, and millions of data points. From any distance, the golfer should be optimistic that the RTX 4 can offer a high degree of spin and excellent precision to the weekend warrior.

Best 56 Degree Wedges 2021- 2022

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As compared to the Cleveland CBX wedge, the RTX 4 has a more muscular back build. Cleveland also developed their ‘Feel Balancing Technology in the RTX 4. This is the method of balancing weight around the head such that the Center of Gravity (CG) is as close to the centre of the face as possible, where the ball hits, to obtain predictable outcomes and a smoother feel. They do this by configuring the muscle on the head’s back and a narrow cavity in the hosel below the shaft’s end. It is progressive, meaning that the CG is higher on higher lofts where the ball reaches farther up the face and vice – versa on lower lofts where the ball hits lower on the face.


Following thorough input from Tour players, the RTX 4 has a more streamlined blade shape, with less offset and a narrower overall profile, to provide the classic blade style that Tour players’ favor. 


RTX 4 also features four new sole grinds, along with an all-new XLOW grind, to give you the flexibility you need to catch the most challenging greenside shots. A low sole grind wedge with 6 degrees of bounce has the advantage of being able to lay it open for flop shots while still digging right underneath the ball. A significant advantage of using a low bounce wedge is building shots from either lie or situation. 


Lastly, the RTX comes in three distinct finishes, and Cleveland takes special care to ensure that the finish on these wedges would not wear away after just a season or two. They believe it to be a long-lasting, ultra-durable finish. The black looks the best and can help to minimize light on those humid summer days. 


To conclude, for lower to mid-handicap golfers, the Cleveland RTX 4 sand wedge is an outstanding choice to consider. This wedge also has a lot of forgiving, which is perfect for high handicappers.


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If you’re searching for the best 56-degree wedges for backspin, the Pinemeadow PGX Wedge could be a decent match. It is relatively forgiving and provides your golf ball with a nice spin. The Pinemeadow PGX Wedge, on the other hand, is best suited for inexperienced golfers who are looking for a flexible golf wedge to help them strengthen their game while they are still learning.


First, the Pinemeadow blade-like construction comes with a regular 35.75-inch steel shaft, intended to maximize the club’s longevity, though some beginner golfers may consider the club to be too bulky. Swing pace and control can be harmed when using a club that is too big. On the other hand, other players would enjoy the club’s rugged nature and nice heft, which is engineered to increase stability and shot trajectory. Besides, a steel wedge can help with shot stability. This 35.75-inch steel shaft would maintain direct contact with the ball, allowing you to strike the ball with greater power and accuracy. 

best golf wedger

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This wedge also has a broad sole at the clubhead base that narrows at the toe to increase the club’s usability, allowing you to strike the ball accurately every time by simply slipping the club under the ball and helping it to grab some real air. At the same time, the sole’s design offers a more generous playing surface to the player. 


 Moreover, this model also has an excellent wedge bounce, adding to its versatility. A bounce of five to six degrees is typical, which will aid you in hitting off soft or dry and rough fairways. Additionally, this wedge is also available in three separate lofts:52,56 and 60 degrees. The sixty-degree loft angle could be too difficult to hit for some, while the lower loft is ideal for beginners. For a broader range of shots, you should change the loft angle slightly.


Last but not least, this club is reasonably priced; you could potentially buy the whole package of wedges for less than the cost of a single luxury wedge, making it an excellent option for consumers who are still unsure about how often they plan on golfing.


Overall, the Pinemeadow Wedge is the greatest value for money when it comes to buying a new golf wedge because it has all of the functionality you’d expect from a higher-priced gap wedge. So, if you’re looking for a substitute for your 56-degree wedge but don’t want to break the bank, the PGX golf wedge by Pine Meadow is the way to go!

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The Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge is one of the best 56-degree wedges for inexperienced golfers that don’t get out on the course as much as they’d like but need clubs that won’t disappoint them when they do. And although this Wilson Wedge is known as a “budget golf club,” it is far from being a bargain. This club offers excellent value for money, thanks to its timeless style and numerous valuable features.


The shaft maintains the brand’s practice of using stainless steel in its architecture. This time, the steel is paired with a regular wedge flex and a 35-inch long clubhead. The 35-inch club length is good for the average golfer and is suitable for players of all abilities. This wedge is a short iron that works well as a sand wedge. Furthermore, the steel shaft aids in the development of a stronger and more rigid rotation axis.

best golf wedger

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Moreover, the wedge has an excellent grind sole that will assist you in hitting accurate shots by opening the clubface. When the clubface is open, the single grind helps the club effortlessly slide through the grass, perfect for taking the ball out of the rough and sand with one swing. The Wilson Harmonized golf wedge now has a new revolutionary sole style that allows players more choices across the green.


One of the most vital features of this club is the deliberate use of aggressive grooves. The club’s aggressive grooves will help you get more backspin on your wedge shots, and it’s evident that this club was designed with golf backspin in mind. This is highly beneficial and will significantly increase your morale while on the course – particularly if you’re a novice.


The blade doesn’t stray too far from the wedge’s overall look; it has a classic style that fits in well and looks great when playing. This blade’s form allows for a more customized bounce angle. This function helps players achieve more incredible spin and efficiency regardless of whether they are on the sand or the fairway.


Finally, this Wilson sand wedge comes in a variety of loft choices. Most wedges can go up to 60 degrees, but this Wilson wedge comes in a range of lofts from 50 degrees to 64 degrees. It also has right and left-handed wedges so that it can be ordered for golfers with a variety of needs and conditions, whether they are looking for a sand wedge, lob wedge, or gap wedge. Simply put, the sharply angled blade shape and adjustable loft variety enable you to use it like sand, pitching, gap, and lob wedge, as well as for some other shots around the green.


 In summary, whether you’re a novice or a pro, the conventional wedge would serve you well. If you like a decent amount of ball spin, the Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge is a must-have.


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The Cleveland CBX 2 sand wedge, which is engineered to provide a balance between your long irons and wedges, is shaped like a cavity-backed iron. In simplistic words, the Cleveland CBX 2 wedge is designed to make the short game as straightforward as possible for amateur golfers by offering extra forgiveness while maintaining the spin and stability we all want from our scoring clubs. The golfer should notice feedback and feel in their club range using the CBX 2 wedge and cavity-backed irons.


First, the Cleveland CBX 2 wedge is a hollow cavity wedge with an empty chamber near the heel’s side and a heavyweight in the head’s toe. Cleveland claims that this configuration maximizes Moment of Inertia (MOI), which offers more forgiveness. This contributes to 25 percent more shots being hit from the sweet spot while also keeping a stylish, appealing profile at the address.

best golf wedger

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The Cleveland CBX 2 wedge features the newest version of the Feel Balancing Technology in addition to the Hollow-Cavity. For the first time, the updated Feel Balancing Technology, combined with the Hollow-Cavity architecture, provides a toe-biased center of gravity to match the recreational golfer’s natural tendencies. Cleveland claims that their CBX 2 has a pleasing soft feel at impact for better feedback response when paired with a Gelback TPU Insert for vibration reduction.


The CBX2 wedge has a 4th generation Rotex Face to give you the best short game grip. Three layers have now been combined to provide you with a lot of grips. The first one being, the extra-sharp Tour Zip Grooves, which slash through grass and debris to increase rough spin. The second one being, the centered Rotex Milling, which increases spin by increasing friction between the grooves. The last one is a Laser Milling Face, which raises roughness to the full for exceptional stopping strength.


Finally, the ‘S’-shaped sole of these wedges is available in a variety of designs. The modern style relieves some of the player’s pressure to pick the suitable loft, bounce, and grind. 


In conclusion, for most golfers who use game enhancement tools, the Cleveland CBX 2 is the ultimate 56-degree sand wedge. The CBX 2 Without Wedge offers tour-level spin and stability for players trying to improve their short game. With the new Cleveland CBX 2, you’ll get spin, power, and all the forgiveness you need.


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Another great Callaway sand wedge is the newest iteration of the Mack Daddy 5, which is known for its revolutionary JAWS groove style. When you use the Mack Daddy 5 Wedge, it doesn’t matter what the course’s playing conditions are. You’ll be able to get some spin out of the five even though you’re playing from the rough.


The MD5’s premium heads, which Callaway Chief Designer Roger Cleveland meticulously shaped, exude consistency and dominance from every angle while still providing a soft and relaxing feel that no other wedge can compare. The wedge’s Blue Medallion and Tour Grey finish offer a distinctive and eye-catching element. Furthermore, the progressive head shape system  makes for a more robust transition from short irons to lower or higher lofted wedges and a great transition from short irons to lower or higher lofted wedges.

best golf wedger

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The Callaway MD5 sand wedges are constructed using 8620 soft carbon and feature the company’s latest Jaws groove style, which is a complete departure from the original Mack Daddy 4, with a 37° wall angle as opposed to 5° in the MD4 wedge. This increases the groove edge’s sharpness to a new level, allowing for full grip and spin from all forms of lies. From 80 yards and in, JAWS grooves produce a “one hop and stop” trajectory favored by players.


This Callaway sand wedge features Callaway’s validated Groove-In-Groove Technology is also used in the JAWS MD5. These milled Micro-Positive grooves are mounted in the face’s flat areas for enhanced surface roughness and grip. Three elevated micro-ridges add grip to the ball’s cover between each groove, increasing spin on several shots. This wedge’s unique mix of JAWS grooves and micro-grooves offers 84 different contact points for more spin than any prior Mack Daddy wedge, allowing for greater accuracy and stability around the greens.


JAWS MD5 wedges are also available in 23 different loft/bounce configurations, as well as five other grind options: New Low Bounce and C-Grind The W-Grind has an 8° bounce. The S-Grind has a 10° bounce, while the X-Grind and W-Grind have a 12° bounce. Women’s basic versions are also available: 52°, 56°, and 60° in the W-Grind. This variety of bounce and grind choices makes it simple to find the ideal wedge for your game. 


Finally, the JAWS MD5’s architecture is very tidy and new, making it very attractive when the ball is at the address. The offset is also minimal, giving you more hope on the greens.


To sum it all up, the Callaway MD5 jaws Sand Wedge is an excellent sand wedge that is flexible and adept around the greens, making it ideal for players at all ability levels.


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The Ping Glide 3.0 56-degree wedges are among the better midway choices for golfers that can’t yet commit to using a full-on cavity back wedge (like the Cleveland CBX 2). Ping’s developers opted for a grip-to-grind strategy when developing the new Glide 3.0 wedges, re-designing every part of the club to produce a higher-spinning, more forgiving, lightweight overall design with numerous sole grind choices for custom-fit golfers of all ability levels.


Thanks to a customized tuning port and added weight high in the toe, the Glide 3.0 wedges look about as fine as bladed wedges but provide greater forgiveness when compared with conventional blade-style wedges. 

best golf wedger

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PING’s developers used a 431 stainless steel head with a broader and smoother elastomer Custom Tuning Port (CTP) insert as one of the main improvements they made to the Glide 3.0. The CTP’s greater capacity allows for a more oversized insert to reach more of the face’s back, resulting in elastomer activation at contact for a smooth and sturdy feel.


When the wider CTP is combined with the latest proprietary cavity configuration, the perimeter weighting can be expanded to raise the MOI. The center of gravity can be positioned higher, resulting in lower-launching, higher-spinning trajectories for further stability. The combination of these features distinguishes the Glide 3.0 wedges and broadens their appeal.


In addition, these Glide 3.0 wedges have proprietary wheel-cut grooves with a sharper edge radius, which maximize contact with the ball at impact and generate more friction for better spin and trajectory stability. These 56-degree wedges are milled to a.004″ edge radius with a 28° sidewall to induce more spin, particularly around the greens, and feature an additional ½ groove at the underside of the face for added spin. The handle and shaft of the Glide 3.0 wedge have both been lightened by six and five grams, respectively, resulting in a 15-gram weight loss for the entire club.


Finally, if you like classics, the Eye2 head form has returned. For generations, golfers have relied on the Eye2’s classic style to help them get out of the sand and save strokes. According to Ping, the Eye2 has the same sole appearance, hosel transformation, and high toe shape as the first Eye2, resulting in stability and improved short-game results. Ping’s hydropearl finish is applied to each Glide 3.0 wedge, which repels water and reduces friction as the head passes through the turf.


 Everything considered The Ping Glide 3.0 wedges are, by far, the most exclusive wedge collection on the market today. They have a massively higher bounce, a higher offset, sharper and more refined grooves that foster more spin and friction. It also has a more extensive cavity than about any other wedge in the “players” division on the market.

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The Titleist Vokey SM7 wedge lives up to Vokey’ s high consistency, style, and classicism standards. The SM7 wedge might not be the newest in their collection, but it is one of their most famous 56-degree sand wedges because it combines some of the latest and most cutting-edge technology!


There are several explanations as to why Titleist Vokey Wedge has been the industry leader for many years. The SM7 has a progressive center of gravity, which is one of the reasons. Titleist and Vokey invented this idea, which aligns the center of gravity with the impact position specific to each loft for greater distance control, closer shot dispersion, and an excellent feel in the wedge range. These positions are also higher in the higher lofts and lower in the lower lofts in SM7, resulting in more reliable consistency and a noticeable improvement in feel.

best golf wedger

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Besides that, the face of the Titleist Vokey SM7 wedges has been enhanced by using a more accurate Spin Milling process for the grooves. For more precise groove edges, tighter consistency tolerances, and full spin, the SM7 wedges have a Parallel Face Texture. The groove style on SM7 wedges differs depending on the loft: low lofts (46°-54°) have narrower, deeper grooves, whereas higher lofts (56°-62°) have wider grooves. As a consequence, both wedge shots have more spin and control. Furthermore, a patented heat treatment technology ensures the best-in-class groove longevity, resulting in a longer-lasting spin.


Besides, the Vokey SM7 wedges provides golf’s most comprehensive range of lofts, bounces, and sole grinds. Any golfer will find wedges that are perfect for them, thanks to a range of 23 varying configurations. Last but not least, the latest SM7 wedges come in three different finishes (Tour Chrome, Brushed Steel, and Jet Black). 


All in all, the new Titleist Vokey SM7 wedges are worth a look if you’re searching for more spin, power, and stability from your wedges. With so many loft, grind, and finish choices, you’ll be able to find the perfect setup for your game.

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TaylorMade’s Milled Grind Black Wedge is no exception to its reputation for quality and dependability. Milled Grind (MG) wedges now come in a new black finish, improving their accuracy and power. The latest color of the MG Black wedge gives it a deeper, more robust appearance at address, bringing aggression to a wedge that already has precise milling, finely formed grinds, and ZTP grooves for a full spin.

best golf wedger

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TaylorMade’s soft 8620 carbon steel wedges aim to be the most accurate, well-balanced, and convenient wedges the brand has ever made. This is accomplished by incorporating a new and optimized ZTP-17 groove design into each new wedge’s face. Maximum spin is created by steeper sidewalls and a more refined edge radius, allowing you more power on all shots. The latest ZTP-17 groove has steeper side walls and a sharper edge radius, allowing for an optimum spin on full shots and short-game shots.


Moreover, these MG wedges feature a CNC machined sole geometry and a detailed leading edge that aids in reliable turf contact for better performance. Aside from that, the shaft bore was modified from TaylorMade. TaylorMade eliminated weight from the hosel and shifted it to the head’s more central position by letting the shaft go half an inch further into the hosel. This increased the center of gravity, making the club more stable and tolerant.


Finally, the Milled Grind wedge is available in three different grinds from TaylorMade: low bounce, regular bounce, and heavy bounce. According to TaylorMade, these grinds were created with TaylorMade’s Tour professionals’ help and are “independently surface milled for unmatched precision,” TaylorMade. 


In summary, TaylorMade crushed it with a great concept influenced by the world’s best players and a method that reliably produces a “precisely designed” wedge. Milled Grind has plenty for all, with numerous ends, lofts, bounces, and grinds to pick from.

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The Cleveland Smart Sole 4 is without a doubt one of the best wedges for a high handicapper or novice who is having problems with their short game or is searching for their first wedges. With the way this wedge has been built, they’ve considered the higher handicap player.


The wedge’s head is moderately rounded, with a gentle leading-edge angle that neatly frames the ball. 

Best 56 Degree Wedges 2021- 2022

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The extra-large three-tiered heel built with additional leading-edge bounce offers optimum forgiving from the fairway, rough, or out of the bunker, which is the most prominent design feature. Since it has the most extensive sole and the most bounce, it can go more quickly around bunkers and help golfers escape. This wide sole cuts through the grass well, allowing you to swing with greater confidence, particularly if you get stuck in the rough.


Smart Sole 4 Wedges also have extra-large cavity backs for extreme perimeter weighting, which can help you improve your short game. The deep cavity and accommodating sole give the head a lot of forgiveness and stability. Additionally, Cleveland also added new premium ‘aggressive milled’ grooves to the Smart Sole 4 to produce more spin while also directing moisture and debris away from the face, resulting in more stable spin speeds independent of the weather. The sharp-edged grooves slash through grass and moisture, resulting in increased friction at contact.


Moreover, Cleveland has also upgraded their Feel Balancing Technology by taking weight from the hosel to move the center of gravity closer to the clubface, which improves feel and aid consistency. Furthermore, Cleveland has enhanced their Feel Balancing Technology by bringing the center of gravity closer to the clubface by eliminating weight from the hosel. This is claimed to enhance feel and stability. 


Finally, like all Cleveland wedges, the Smart Sole model has calibrated loft to ensure that the golfer’s touch is pure and that the perfect shot can be achieved. The Smart Sole is far more than capable of answering the call to your worst problems on the course, whether it’s a high pitch shot over a bunker or a low slicing shot through deep rough.


In conclusion, the Cleveland Smart Sole 4 Sand Wedge is the best 56-degree wedge for high handicappers and golfers who have trouble scoring in the short game, as the Smart Sole 4 gives you the resources you need to win.

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  1.                       THE TAYLORMADE MG 2 GOLF SAND WEDGE 

TaylorMade’s Milled Grind wedge is one of the best-performing wedges they’ve ever made. Following the popularity of the MG1 wedges, TaylorMade recently launched the MG2 wedges, which feature a new raw face optimized for a full spin for precision wedge play. Precision milling is coupled with Raw Face Technology in the brand-new Milled Grind 2 wedges to improve spin, accuracy, and feel. The face will rust with time, but the remainder of the head will retain its classic finish.

best golf wedger

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The inclusion of Raw-Finish face technology, which feels rugged to the touch and is engineered to add friction when the ball reaches the face, maximizing spin and creating a more smooth, steady flight, is the most significant new feature in these TaylorMade MG 2 wedges. The ZTP Raw Grooves design is used to achieve this. The ZTP Raw Grooves have sharper, more comprehensive, and narrower grooves, as well as a sharper radius, which, when paired with a rougher surface from laser etching between the grooves, helps the golfer to produce greater friction between the clubface and the ball, resulting in a more greenside spin. When you first get MG 2.0, the raw face looks more like sandpaper to the touch, and it’s covered by a seam-sealed label, which promises to save face from rust and corrosion before you use it. 


The TPU Insert in the back cavity of the MG2 wedge is intended to provide vibration dampening, resulting in a robust and positive feel at contact. One drawback of the TPU Insert is that it dampens movements too much on mishits. This wedge looks dead when you lose the middle of the face. This sensation provides detailed feedback as well as a powerful opportunity to improve touch.


Additionally, the club’s sole has been CNC milled to enhance turf contact by allowing the club to drive debris off the course, improving accuracy quickly. Furthermore, the milling process maximizes accuracy by ensuring resistance thresholds that are impossible to replicate by humans. As a result, each wedge has a specifically engineered grind that produces optimum turf contact and reliable results.


To summarize, if you’re a decent golfer who is happy with their wedges and needs to achieve some seriously fantastic spin rates with a wedge that fits perfectly into a blade or muscle back iron kit, TaylorMade’s MG 2 might be the wedge for you. 

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What Is the Distinction Between a Blade Style Wedge and a Cavity Back Style Wedge


Blade wedges are often more forgiving than cavity back wedges. Back blades with a cavity are built to help golfers make a lot of mistakes with their wedge shots. When opposed to blade wedge models, they are even effective at making full swing shots. 


Many golfers would opt for a cavity-back type gap wedge and a blade for their pack’s remaining wedges. You’ll also have more choices in the blade-type wedge when it comes to bounce and sole grinds.


If you’re searching for a wedge with a bounce and sole grind, you’ll probably find a blade-type wedge to be a good fit. If you’re a mid-handicap golfer looking to improve your scores, the blade style is your best bet. It will assist you in being a stronger wedge player by improving your shots!


How far should I hit my 56-degree wedge? 


A golfer’s 56-degree wedge can be struck between 75 and 110 yards. The trick to success with this, or any wedge, is to make a substantial impact and maintain hold of the ground contact position. At address, you can also improve and monitor this by putting at least 60% of your weight on your front foot. You should play the ball farther back in your stance in the rough to hold the ball down or up in your stance if you want to add more height to the shot.



What Is the Purpose of A 56 Degree Wedge? 


We use wedges to get out of bunkers and chip around the green. Within the 100-yard line, we also use wedges. Most golfers settle on one club to drive out of bunkers, chip greenside, and hit 34 shots. 


For most golfers around the green, a 56-degree wedge is the chosen shot as it’s a highly flexible club. Chipping, pitching, full rounds, and bunker shots are all possible with it. Golfers who want to lower their handicaps can get familiar with their wedges and learn how to play several shots.


Ultimately, the decision is yours; there is no right or wrong way to determine what fits for you, but experimenting with the best 56-degree wedges for high handicappers and beginners mentioned above would make life much easier.


Loft distinguishes a wedge from an iron. The loft of the nine iron is typically about 44 degrees. Any angle greater than 45 degrees is referred to as a wedge. 


Depending on the swing pace, wedges can be used on fuller shots from 140 yards and in. A wedge should not be struck at maximum force, contrary to common opinion. Wedges are designed to be used for coordinated shots rather than power shots. Their job is to get you as close to the pit as possible, not to get you long distances. 


Wedges come in four unique types. Pitching wedges, gap wedges, sand wedges, and lob wedges are examples of wedge forms. They are divided into four categories, but their angular form may also be used to classify them. 


Wedges are usually offered with a 45–62-degree angular shape. A pitching wedge is a club with a loft of 45 to 48 degrees that can reach a target of 135 yards. Gap wedges are wedges with a 50–54-degree angle. Whereas, Sand wedges are wedges at an angle of 54-58 degrees. And wedges with a lob angle of 58-62 degrees are known as lob wedges.


There are a few important things to weigh before determining which one is right for you. You may require a high-bounce wedge at times, and you may need a low-bounce wedge at other times. Moreover, some golfers want a conventional blade style, while others want their 56-degree wedge to match their irons. 


Whatever your preferences are, we’ve got you covered! We’ve compiled a list of the best 56-degree wedges to make the quest for the ideal wedge a little easier. Continue reading to learn what you need to know about the best 56-degree wedges on the market now as a consumer!


  1. SPIN 

The value of spin in a sand wedge cannot be overstated. The club is designed to give the golfer the spin and softness needed to stop the ball on the green accurately. This characteristic is caused by friction between the golf ball’s texture and the grooves and milling on the clubface. Grooves will wear out and become dull over time, causing the spin rate to drop drastically. The sharp grooves create full spin, which is one of the primary reasons why skilled golfers use fresh wedges for every tournament.


Low handicappers usually opt for sand wedges with high spin rates because the spin rate determines shot height and the potential to reach beyond the cup and back to the hole. Other golfers who are less experienced will need spin to help them slow down their game.



Another vital aspect to remember when using wedges is the shot’s height. The calculation of arc and how it affects spin and softness of landing is why golfers need to know how far a wedge will send a shot into the air. 


It might seem strange to think of shot height with a club that you use from within 25-50 yards, but when you do need extra distance, such as a shot from 80-100 yards, a sand wedge is a good choice that allows for a spin and stopping power.



A sand wedge’s construction is also crucial to the club’s performance. Steel is used to make the majority of the wedges. However, there are several kinds of steel. Wedges made of carbon steel are more durable than those made of other materials. The blade, clubhead, and hosel (where the two sections meet) are all parts of the club that should be examined when purchasing a wedge.



A high-quality sand wedge would offer response/feedback at the point of impact, giving the golfer trust and consistency. The moment after contact and how the club responds to your swing is what response is all about. Any professional golfer can tell how good or poorly they struck the golf ball as soon as the shot leaves the clubface. A club’s response can also be measured by how it generates a result depending on the playing style.


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