The 10 Best Driving Irons 2022

Best driving irons 2022 -2021


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The Cobra Golf King Utility Iron complete power and accuracy on their tee shots★★★★★ Buy From Amazon
The Srixon Z U85 Utility Irondurability, feel, and forgiving★★★★ Buy From Amazon
The Ping G410 Crossoverresulting in a better launch and spin★★★★★ Buy From Amazon
The Ram Golf FX Hybrid Driving Ironaccuracy and compatibility★★★★★ Buy From Amazon
The TaylorMade P790 UDIexcellent driving iron★★★★ Buy From Amazon
The Callaway X Forged UT excellent due to the wide sole and low bounce.★★★★★ Buy From Amazon
The TaylorMade GAPR Mid Golf Clubfantastic driving iron that can travel for miles ★★★★ Buy From Amazon
The TaylorMade SIM UDIhuge sweet spot when retaining speed around the face.★★★★★ Buy From Amazon
The Lazrus Premium Golf Driving Ironoptimize spin and control.★★★★★ Buy From Amazon
The Titleist U500 Utility ironthat will make you score higher★★★★ Buy From Amazon


For several golfers, the tee shot is the most intimidating part of the game, and this sensation is amplified when approaching a short. A driver might not be the best option on those tee boxes. And a fairway metal could be too dangerous. 

But what other options do you have? This is where a driving iron comes in handy!



1)   The Cobra Golf King Utility Iron 

The new Cobra Golf King Utility Iron is suitable for golfers with all handicaps. Low-handicappers adore the feel, while higher-handicappers adore the quality. The Cobra Golf King Utility Black Iron, intended to give you a mixture of distance and accuracy, combines a traditional look with cutting-edge innovation, along with a hollow-body design, cast PWRSHELL Face, and tungsten weighting, to provide outstanding quality that users can monitor and control using the Arccos Caddie system’s in-depth data.


The PWRSHELL Face Technology is a shallow undercut, lightweight, high-strength face insert. This expands the sweet range, resulting in increased responsiveness and higher speeds at impact points all over the face. The King Utility Iron is manufactured with a high-strength cast 455 stainless steel face insert and CNC milling to produce a thinner face and boost groove structure for an optimum spin, speed, and velocity control. The overall hollow body configuration, on the other hand, results in a less supported face that can bend more easily, allowing for higher ball speed around the face. You will drive the ball further by allowing for a thinner, unsupported forehead.


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Moreover, a 66G high-density tungsten weight is carefully placed deep on the club head’s toe. Cobra improved consistency and forgiveness on off-center hits by raising momentum and reducing the extent the club twists on shots where you don’t catch it flush by putting more weight in the toe. It also aids in the lowering and centering of the center of gravity, allowing for greater accuracy.


The MyFly 8 customizable hosel function, on the other hand, is a standout feature. With a torque wrench, golfers may change the hosel to one of eight configurations, increasing or decreasing loft. This characteristic is popular in hybrids, fairway trees, and drivers, but it is uncommon in irons. It will make organizing a King Utility iron to hit precise distance shots a lot easier. The King Utility irons are also equipped with a ‘COBRA CONNECT’ system. The Arccos Caddie app is operated by Arccos Caddie, an artificial intelligence technology that uses ‘Smart Grips’ with embedded sensors to monitor and record distance and accuracy data.


It looks great down by the ball. The thicker topline and big sole will improve your morale, but the blade’s length from heel to toe is more in line with a long iron in a mid-to-low handicap iron set, so it doesn’t look dramatically overweight. Finally, the King Utility is available in a One Length variant, much like other Cobra irons.


All in all, the Cobra King Utility Iron is the best driving iron choice for players who want to have complete power and accuracy on their tee shots and longer approach shots on par-5s. These utility irons can be hit long-distance and don’t feel as tough to hit as a conventional long iron.

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  • The Srixon Z U85 Utility Iron

The Srixon Z U85 is amongst the most common driving iron, and you can easily understand why. For low to mid handicappers who need a little more launch than the Z 585 irons, the performance of Z U85 coupled with exceptional feel and even some of the higher lofts ranging from 23° #4 to 29° #6 may be the best driving iron choices. The Z U85 ticks all of the boxes for players who want to have a little more support in their longer irons but don’t want the look of a hybrid.


The hollow-headed U85 is forged from 1020 carbon steel, which ensures the Z U85’s body absorbs vibrations at contact, giving you the ideal combination of soft feel and receptive feedback. The ensuing sound is a strong and clear thwack. However, you’ll find a less noticeable noise and more feeling in your palms on a mishit. Stated, the forged steel structure paired with the hollow body produces a pleasing sound at contact and a good feel for the better player. 


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Furthermore, the Srixon Z U85 driving iron has a laser milled, SUP10 steel High-Strength Face Insert that raises ball speed for enhanced distance on those vital shots when missing short isn’t a choice. Moreover, the 5% wider grooves, combined with high-intensity laser milling, delivered constant spin from the fairway or rough, allowing you complete control of all shots and increased stopping power into greens.


Plus, Srixon outdid themselves with the aesthetics of this utility iron! The Z U85 is a sleek, traditional-looking club. The club’s bulk is polished in gleaming chrome, but the laser milled face and top line are matte. This helps to reduce light at the address. The Z U85 has a reasonably lightweight blade length equal to its other irons down by the ball. The top line is much thicker, and there is some assistance evident behind its ball. While there is some offset, it seems to be reasonably clean at the address. With its straight lines and a thick hollow body, it looks amazing from any perspective. This is potentially the best-looking utility iron on the market in terms of aesthetics.


Finally, the Srixon Z U85 utility iron is offered in lofts of 18, 20, 23, 26, and 29 degrees, with a chrome-colored UST Recoil graphite shaft that is lightweight, robust, and looks like a steel shaft. 


All in all, the Srixon Z U85 utility iron has become a go-to for golfers looking for long iron power and forgiving. At address, it has the appearance of iron. Still, its forged steel structure and hollow body offer an outstanding combination of durability, feel, and forgiving, making it one of the best driving irons around.

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  • The Ping G410 Crossover

The Ping G410 is a hybrid club that falls in between a conventional driving iron and a blade. This club has a more conventional appearance, but many of the elements are hybrid. While an above-average swinging pace is required for this club to be effective, it is built for mid to low handicappers rather than professional golfers. PING’s third Crossover family blends an iron’s accuracy and power with the pace and forgiving of a hybrid with a stronger tungsten toe weight for extra forgiveness. A maraging-steel face higher ball speed and peak shot height, and a more lightweight and sturdier core.


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This Crossover has a shortened blade length and smaller sole, making it appear and work as an iron. It’s straightforward to align and has a smooth, quality appearance. Ping increased the amount of tungsten on the sole from 20 to 30 grams so that even though it’s a smaller crossover, it still provides stability and forgiveness while still balancing out iron performance. This helps to bring the CG point closer to the club’s center, which improves forgiveness by reducing face twisting on off-center strikes. A maraging steel face is combined with a higher MOI to achieve fast, steady ball speed.


The Ping G410 utility driver has a hollow head made of 17-4 stainless steel with a tougher C300 Maraging Steel face insert to increase ball speeds. The C300 maraging-steel face flexes further for increased ball speed and reach. Furthermore, Ping has incorporated an intrinsic rib configuration that links the sole to the crown within the Ping G410’s hollow head to strengthen the body and increase tone, feel, and efficiency. While the G410 Crossover’s appearance is conventional, its sound is not. The impact produces a moderately loud, mid-pitch, slightly hollow knock. 


The Ping Alta CB shaft that comes standard on the G410 Crossover is counterbalanced to increase precision and clubhead speed by adding more mass onto the shaft’s grip end. PING also sells the G410 Crossover in ten different colour variations. This will encourage golfers to choose not just the appropriate loft and shaft but also the proper lay angle. 


Finally, the Ping G410 Crossover has a luxurious hydropearl chrome finish that eliminates friction with the ground, resulting in a better launch and spin from the rough and wet lawn. Great to use as a driving iron or hybrid substitute or to fit into your iron collection.


Taking all into account, the Ping G410 crossover is an excellent option for higher handicappers who want to get the ball in the fairway. The G410 Crossover is a club that delivers on its claims, is filled with technology, and provides a major design update from previous versions.

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  • The Ram Golf FX Hybrid Driving Iron


If you’re a novice trying to save some money and want to have a basic club that offers forgiveness and reach, the Ram Golf FX Hybrid Driving Iron is just the right club for you. 


First and foremost, Ram Golf’s FX Hybrid Utility Iron has a low center of gravity, which allows the ball to travel higher. The best driving iron should allow you to hit a stinger, a low, hard shot that travels a long distance after landing. On the other hand, a stinger would be impossible to reach if the driving iron’s center of gravity is too low since the ball would be thrown too far. The FX, in our view, is a decent driving iron that allows you to hit it low and long.


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Furthermore, the Ram FX Hybrid utility iron has a high Moment of Inertia (MOI) for greater stability around the entire face, making it one of the most forgiving driving irons on the market. This is a vital characteristic of golf club design because a high MOI club is considered far more forgiving, while a club with a low MOI is seen as being less forgiving, which means that off-center strikes aren’t treated as harshly. Furthermore, the higher the MOI of your irons, the more stable they become at contact, and the greater the chances of hitting them online and at the proper distance.


It’ll also be simpler to line up your shot at the address, thanks to the sleek black finish and iron-like clubhead style. On the tee or in the fairway, an easy, inspirational style boosts your morale. 


To conclude, the Ram Golf FX Hybrid Driving Iron is the best driving iron for golfers who need a driver’s reach but want an iron’s accuracy and compatibility. It has a low center of gravity, which will assist in sending the ball into the air. And in the rugged, you can get a lot of distance with FX. Besides, the Ram is reasonably priced.

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  • The TaylorMade P790 UDI


The TaylorMade P790 irons are among the most highly regarded driving irons available. The P790 UDI Utility Iron is no different. TaylorMade is known for its innovative design features. The P790 driving irons have a forged club’s look and sound while offering the forgiveness of a cavity back. 


First, the TaylorMade P790 UDI golf driving iron features a small, wraparound, completely forged hollow construction that provides greater forgiving and ball speed than non-hollow versions. These high-strength forged irons are designed to give you all the forgiveness you’d expect from a club of this caliber.


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SpeedFoam, a modern urethane patented construction inserted into the completely forged hollow cavity body for optimum ball speed on contact while maximizing sound and feel, is a unique TaylorMade feature.This driving iron has been further improved by an incredibly thin 1.75mm face and an Inverted micro Cone, providing distance and precision never seen before in an iron.


A tungsten weight in the rear of the sole of this TaylorMade driving iron adds more weight to lower the CG to get it into the appropriate place to build the maximum launch and unrivaled reach with forgiveness in a player’s utility iron.


Finally, certainly not least, TaylorMade has designed the back of this hollow body iron very smooth, integrating direct input from our top Tour competitors, with just a simple “T” mark and the P790 labeling in a sleek font. The UDI stands out from the rest of the P790 irons when it comes to addressing. The top line is now narrower, and the offset is lower. The 2-iron sole is also slightly smaller than the 6-iron’s. While the modest offset and straighter topline give it a rather clean appearance, some golfers can be put off because it only has 17 degrees of loft. However, most regular golfers would find that there is just not enough loft.


Taking everything into consideration, the TaylorMade P790 UDI is an excellent driving iron. It’s well worth looking if you’re a good player searching for a hybrid or lofted wood with a lower flight and more workability. In a player’s utility iron, it provides unrivaled distance and forgiving.

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  •    The Callaway X Forged UT 


The Callaway X Forged UT is a driver built for better opponents who could use a consistent fairway finder on close holes, as well as reliable spin and ball flight. This is a perfect option to consider if you like the low ball that flies for miles. If you dice the shots or randomly catch hooks, you may like something a bit more forgiving.


To start with, the new Callaway X-Forged UT iron features a hollow structure and Callaway’s Flash Face Cup that has been designed using AI.  High ball velocity and constant spin around the face are generated by the AI-designed Flash Face Cup for the required distance. These driving irons are made of 1025 mild carbon steel, and Callaway’s urethane microspheres help absorb friction for a smoother noise and feel within the hollow body structure. When you make a decent shot, the volume is slightly below normal, with a “thud”-like an echo. When you get on to your heel or ankle, the tone changes to a much softer “clack.”


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Plus, the Callaway X Forged UT also has a sweet, soft feel when struck in the clubface center. When struck dead in the middle, it feels sweeter and more natural than many other driving irons. Despite being a more forgiving club, the X Forged UT always makes you know it when you don’t find the sweet spot. Shots off the toe trigger a pleasant sting and vibration in the palms, indicating that you missed it.


Additionally, the X Forged UT has a very large sole, which allows it to launch higher and be more tolerant of thin shots than regular iron. The X Forged UT is a perfect choice if you like your player’s irons but need a little more leverage to make the best of your long irons. A uniquely injected tungsten weight around the sole of the Callaway X-Forged Utility Club is also included. The CG position can be adequately positioned for the best velocity and flight path for the target player due to this external MIM (Metal Injection Moulded) tungsten weighting. As a result, the MOI has increased, making it easier to manage shots with a long carry and fast launch. The clubs can be customized to meet your needs with compact, basic, and heavy-weight choices. 


To summarize, the Callaway X Forged UT is a great long iron for players who want more forgiveness than the regular X-Forged irons but don’t want to use a cavity back iron or a combination. Also, on firm ground, the result is excellent due to the wide sole and low bounce.

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  • The TaylorMade GAPR Mid Golf Club


This one-of-a-kind golf club was created to help you improve your long game. The TaylorMade GAPR mid golf club is a highly valued driving iron that is perhaps the best example of a long iron/hybrid club mix. Furthermore, it’s an ideal club to use in windy weather when you need to keep the ball low and deliver a shot that will cut through the wind. 


The GAPR Mid Golf Club has an iron-like body design with a medium-wide sole head profile for more shot versatility and forgiving. Additionally, this TaylorMade driving iron has an ultra-low and forward CG position that makes for faster, more accommodating ball travel. This, combined with the Speed Pocket Technology, drastically improves the way irons function in terms of reach, speed, and stability, while encouraging additional golf ball speed on miss-hits low on the face.


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The GAPR Mid Golf utility iron features TaylorMade’s revolutionary Speed Foam, which fills the space behind the clubface for incredible ball speed and a pleasing sound when hit correctly. A solid strike results in a solid smash, while an off-center strike is subdued and dull. Speed Foam technology improves ball speed and allows designers to build bend with a thinner face. This club offers far more distance and sound, unlike any other utility-type club. At effects, there is no lack of feel with Speed Foam. 


The TaylorMade GAPR MID also has a Loft Sleeve on the hosel, much like all the best driving irons, to help you determine the optimum GAPR distance by changing the loft lie and trajectory down or up a few degrees from the standard loft of 18 degrees. Finally, despite the MID’s size, TaylorMade made excellent design decisions to cater to players who want an iron look at the address. The black finish makes the head seem slimmer compared to the ball, and the deliberate curve between the sole and the white topline produces a visual taper that masks the overall height.


In conclusion, the TaylorMade GAPR mid golf club is a fantastic driving iron that can travel for miles when struck in the middle of the clubface. It combines the forgiving qualities of a hybrid with the piercing ball flight of a driving iron.

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  • The TaylorMade SIM UDI


For mid to low handicappers, the TaylorMade SIM UDI is the best driving iron. This driving iron excels at mixing reach, feel, and forgiveness in a club that is notoriously difficult to strike. You’ll be pleasantly pleased by the SIM’s ease of use and control.


The TaylorMade SIM UDI hybrid iron begins with a hollow body that positions the center of gravity low and forward while retaining a smooth finish. The SIM UDI has a solid, piercing trajectory as a result of this. The hollow body of the SIM UDI golf club, on the other hand, does not remain hollow. TaylorMade used their ultra-lightweight urethane SpeedFoam injection to load the head, which is expected to push the theoretical limits of face speed while also softening vibrations and delivering a smooth but strong feel via effect. Touch looks and sounds amazing with this SpeedFoam-injected club handle, with feedback that allows you to identify you made good contact with the golf ball.


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Furthermore, they’ve placed a Thru Slot Speed Pocket on the UDI’s sole, meaning the face’s base isn’t attached to the sole, allowing for more face flex, forgiveness, and ball speed, particularly when shots are struck lower on the face.


The SIM UDI features a more lightweight, tour-inspired shape with a refined, straighter leading edge and a modest sole width for enhanced turf interaction. In addition, this driving iron has a thin topline and minimal offset, which gives better players more courage at the address and promotes workability and shot shaping.


It also has a compact ultra-thin face made of C300 steel, making for a smoother face and faster ball speeds. Inverted Cone Technology is often used on the forged face to raise the sweet spot and facilitate a straighter ball ride. Last but not least, a wide range of custom shafts and grips ensure the ideal fit. To handle a wide variety of swings, the loft and lay can be modified +/- 2 inches.


All in all, the TaylorMade SIM UDI is the best driving iron for golfers that prefer long irons to hybrids or are looking for a different alternative off the tee. SIM UDI can push ball speed boundaries while retaining a premium feel thanks to a forged C300 forehead, SpeedFoam inside a hollow body, and a Thru-Slot Speed Pocket. Inverted Cone Technology produces a huge sweet spot when retaining speed around the face.

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9)   The Lazrus Premium Golf Driving Iron

The Lazrus premium golf driving irons are designed for regular golfers or weekend players who don’t want to spend a fortune. There aren’t many of these left in the golf market today. The club has the same forgiving cavity back architecture as the rest of the Lazrus irons. Lazarus says that their clubs are made by the same firms that make Callaway and Titleist clubs cheaper. These irons lack the over-engineering and construction that bigger brands invest and profit from.


They went for a basic style with few features for this club. This high-quality club has a Cavity back iron for additional forgiving and fewer miss-hits. The Lazrus premium golf driving iron also has deep grooves, which is a well-known fact that the wider the groove, the more grass will be scattered behind the ball at impact. This gives you more control over the quality of spin on your shot, which is essential for both the shot’s flight characteristics and how well the ball is played on the green.


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Moreover, the Lazrus utility iron also has stainless steel shafts that are stepped. Many of the big manufacturers use stepped steel shafts in the bulk of their golf clubs. As a result of this modern manufacturing technique, the whole set’s stiffness is consistent from shaft to shaft. As a result, they have better power over shots and place a higher value on accuracy than graphite shafts. Steel shafts are the right choice for players with average swing speeds who want to improve their control.


The biggest advantage of a steel-shafted club is that it transmits greater vibrations up the shaft to the player’s fingertips. Skilled players often seek this input. More so than a novice, a professional player can always say whether they did wrong or right by the sound of the swing and effect. 


Finally, it’s no mystery that the world’s best golfers favor forged wedges, and its common knowledge that forged clubs are preferable to cast clubs. Due to cast clubs’ complexities getting “hot spots or air pockets,” forged clubs have a more accurate shot across the chest.


In summary, these LAZRUS golf irons have exceptional precision and scope. The shafts are composed of stepped stainless steel and are only available in standard stiffness for the time being. Most golfers who want to keep their game in shape should use a clubhead built to optimize spin and control. It’s amazing how much better path and score-lowering distance can be generated for such a low price.

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  • The Titleist U500 Utility iron 


The Titleist U500 Utility iron may be ideal for the better golfer who needs more forgiveness, reach, and flexibility than a standard iron but can’t find one that fits. 


The head’s frame is made of 17-4 stainless steel, including over 95g of high-density tungsten weights in the toe and heel to raise MOI and reduce the CG for improved launch. For a better experience, the face is 1.9mm thick and forged from SUP10 alloy. It has an L-shaped lower portion that coils around the sole’s cutting edge to increase ball speed on low-on-the-face shots, often with irons. The 95 grammes of tungsten weighting allows to stabilize the clubhead on mild off-center impacts and fine-tune performance and launch in the long game, while the ultra-thin forged face seems smooth to the touch.


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The U-500 utility iron looks nearly similar to the U-510 in the bag. Just the Titleist script mark is visible on the back of each and is covered by small chrome strips. The numerical disparity can be seen when looking at the hosel. The top line is thinner, and the blade is narrower from heel to toe, suggesting that this is a stronger player’s utility iron. The offset is minimal, and only a small portion of the club protrudes above the top line. The Titleist U500 is a lightweight, slimline driver that will cater to the stronger player with more club pace and a willingness to fly the ball a little lower. Ultimately, the U500 utility iron comes in three different lofts (17, 20, and 23 degrees). 


In conclusion, if you have already got the hang of the game, the Titleist U•500 Utility Iron is a club that will make you score higher. High handicap golfers would not profit from using this club in their pocket because it is not generous enough and does not launch the ball high or left enough for other golfers. It has outstanding ball speed and gives the player complete control over trajectory and shot form, making it an ideal long iron or hybrid substitute for the professional ball striker.

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How to Use A Driving Iron Properly? 


Don’t assume you’ll be able to head out there with a driving iron in your bag and consistently hit it low and straight. To master driving irons, you’ll need a lot of practice, but these pointers can help you become used to them quickly. 



First, let’s look at how to target a driving iron. In this situation, it’s the clubface that has the most attention. It’s important to remember that it’s best to stand with the golf ball closer to your front foot for this club, particularly if you’re an amateur.



Moving on to stability, the importance of a correct posture cannot be overstated. It’s important that you can keep your feet firmly planted on the deck. Also, longer shafts necessitate greater support and balance than wedges. 


Hitting the ball

Don’t put all the eggs in one basket. Take a controlled, violent swing and let the driving iron supply the bulk of the force. So, how do you go about doing this? 

Complete the rotation until your chest is pointed in the direction of your target. The swing then allows the club to release all of its momenta, eliminating the need to push your swing. However, if you want to strike long and straight, don’t be afraid to put any power behind the driving hammer.




Driving irons, also regarded as utility irons, have been on the market for quite some time. They had already been made before hybrids, but they couldn’t keep up with the technologies that went into hybrids. Hybrid technology presented golfers with the ease they needed, and they soon became the preferred choice.


Utility/driving irons are a combination between a conventional hybrid and a long iron. They’re built to be even more tolerant and practical than previous blades while still reaping the benefits of irons’ more powerful ball flight and workability. Although you won’t strike a utility iron as much as a hybrid, the iron-like nature gives you more leverage. Driving irons have a regular iron body with a lower face angle, enabling golfers to hit more precise tee shots with a smidge less reach. In unfavorably windy conditions, these irons often deliver a shot that cuts straight. Simply put, the best driving irons will assist you in hitting more fairways, preventing mishaps, and lowering your scores.


Now that driving irons are using the same technologies as putters, they are becoming more common among pro golfers, but what are the advantages of owning one?




When you use a driving iron on the links, you will reap various advantages. Some of them may or may not be relevant to your game, but the advantages may include:


  1.   Forgiveness: Fairway woods tend to have a smaller sweet spot than driving (utility) irons. The club’s prominent profile makes it far more forgiving and fairly easy to hit the ball than a conventional iron, particularly in less-than-ideal circumstances. It gives you additional mass that allows you to hit the ball easily is normally one of the more user-friendly features of a good driving iron. 


  1.   Lower Ball Flight- Driving irons have lower ball flights because the wind has less impact on the ball’s trajectory. With a lower angle, you’re less likely to reach the trees in heavily forested areas.


  1.   Versatility: This is a club that could be used in almost any golf circumstance; in particular, it could be used to hit the low “stinger” shot in windy conditions. Because driving irons are more flexible, you get more bang for the buck. When you equate the rates of driving irons, you’ll find that they’re much more equitable. For certain golfers, the price disparity for even more precision and just as much distance off the tee seems to be worth it.


  1.   A weightier swing: The addition of mass behind the ball gives it a bulkier appearance and feel. This additional mass behind the ball will assist you in getting a bit more power in your shot.




When buying a new driving iron, make sure you think about the features you would want to look for beforehand to make sure it’s the right match for you. Driving irons aren’t often easy to hit, but if you find one that suits your swing, body style, and skill level, you’ll have a decent chance of succeeding. 


1)   Length

Driving irons are, by far, longer than the majority of your bag’s clubs. If the loft of the club decreases, the width of the club will increase. Your driving iron would be almost the same length as your four iron. If you’re an average build player, you won’t need to think about custom length on the driving iron. However, If you’re taller than 6’0″ or shorter than 5’6″, you should have your new driving iron customized fitted. 


2)   Forgiveness

When you hit a driving iron off the tee, you’re giving up the distance in exchange for precision. As a result, forgiveness is extremely important in this situation. The last thing you want to do is drive it marginally off the toe and then find yourself unable to reach the green during your next attempt.


It comes as no surprise that golf clubs with a greater sweet spot have more forgiveness in the long run. And if you’re a player who goes off-center more frequently than you’d like to acknowledge, this is incredibly valuable. Driving and utility irons, on the other hand, have a lower CG. When the ball is hit, a low CG is intended to launch the ball higher, requiring less swing speed to get the ball up in the air. And, without a doubt, this ensures the mis-hits are immediately forgiven.


3)   Distance

A decent driving iron should have a hot face that launches the ball off the tee and allows you to make par even though you aren’t hitting the driver. Furthermore, driving irons are designed to provide a lower launch, which translates to a lower loft angle. Most of these service irons have lofts ranging from 16 to 19 degrees. And this particular set is suitable for achieving flawless stingers with as penetrating a trajectory as you want.


4)   Head Thickness


Some driving irons are designed to resemble another iron in your collection and have a very relatively thin appearance. Many golfers would prefer this and settle for a more conventional approach. Other driving irons will resemble a hybrid in appearance. This is aimed to enhance more forgiveness as well as improve the club’s start. You must determine where the game is at the moment and what speaks to you the most.


5)   Feel

Before you buy a club, it’s also important to think about how it feels. The biggest advantage of using a driving iron is that it increases your odds of reaching the fairway. When you take out the driving iron, you should feel like you’re about to hit it right down the centre. If you like a softer feel from your driving iron, look for one with a cast clubface insert, if not a fully forged build. Only then does the texture get more buttery and smoother.


Identifying the perfect “go-to” fairway-finding club will improve your morale while still encouraging you to relax and enjoy your game. Finding the best driving iron, on the other hand, is no easy task. And so, to help you find the right utility, we’ve put together a list of the top ten driving irons that will help get you off the tee on the best trajectory and generate the most distance.

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