The Best Fairway Woods 2022 – Review By Experts

The Best Fairway Woods 2022 – Review By Experts
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The Honma T/World GS Fairway WoodHonma provides an easy-to-hit fairway wood ★★★★ Buy From Amazon
The Titleist TSi3 Fairway Woodmost forgiving three wood for high handicappers★★★★★ Buy From Amazon
The Cobra King F9 Speedback Fairway Woodspeed tuned to achieve reliable ball speed★★★★ Buy From Amazon
The Tour Edge Exotics EXS Fairway Wood"Flight Tuning System," or adjustable weights ★★★★★ Buy From Amazon
The Callaway Big Bertha B21 Fairway Woodbest fairway wood to drive for players hesitant ★★★★★ Buy From Amazon
The Cobra Radspeed Fairway Woodmost forgiving fairway wood this year★★★★ Buy From Amazon
The TaylorMade M6 Fairway Wood most relaxing woods available at a reasonable price★★★★ Buy From Amazon
The Srixon ZX Fairway Woodfairway woods are the finest woods and hybrids ★★★★★ Buy From Amazon
The Ping G425 Fairway Woodmost solid choice★★★★★ Buy From Amazon
The Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo 3 Woodhigher shots from every distance★★★★ Buy From Amazon

THE 10 BEST 3 Fairway WOODS OF 2022

The 3-wood belongs to the wood family of clubs and has been around for quite some time. It’s designed to help you get the extra yardage you need on long par 4s and par 5s.

In recent years, the fairway wood has grown into one of the most flexible clubs available. The best 3-woods will help you find distance and stability off the tee, in the short grass, and the rough or around the greens, thanks to improved materials and technology.

Let’s further explore a few more reasons as to why you need a 3-wood in your golf bag:

To begin with, most players use a shorter three-wood shaft, which allows for more control and strength of effect on the face. On the other hand, a three-wood imparts considerably more backspin, which assists with precision and workability regulation much of the time. Finally, for a three-wood, the ball is teed even lower to the ground, reducing the variability of the shot.

Moreover, with so many variations and features available, finding suitable fairway woods to match your driver and other clubs can be difficult. Manufacturing companies have also stepped up their game as golfers raise the number of woods in their golf bags.

The companies that make fairway woods, hybrids, and utility clubs put a great deal of research into creating the right club for you.

To begin your quest for a fairway wood, you must first determine what you need it for. If you want your shots to have more height? Is there a club that can take the place of your three-iron? Is there a club you can use off the tee? Do you want a club to strike from the rough?

To help you narrow the search, we’ve looked at some of the best fairway woods currently available.

The Honma T/World GS Fairway Wood Review

The Honma T/World GS series is arguably the best three-wood for high handicappers, as the GS fairway wood is built for players with slower clubhead speeds who also have a slice problem. Even for golfers who hit the club at a moderate pace, the head is aerodynamically engineered to create faster clubhead speeds.


The GS represents “gain momentum,” and having the face flex further is one way to improve ball speed. To do this, the Honma T/World GS fairway woods have a crank-shaped slot on the heel. The slot twists and widens at the heel and toe, just like a crank rod. The instantaneous repulsion efficiency on center-strikes is improved by these crank-shaped slots, resulting in consistent ball speeds around the face. The objective is to contribute additional flex at those softer, off-centre positions that require it the most, in addition to making those low-face shots launch with more momentum. The architecture also improves how the curvature of the face directs mis-hits back into your target line.

best golf wood

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The draw-bias technology is also used in the GS fairway wood. Simply put, this implies that more weight is distributed against the club’s heel, culminating in a more stable and penetrating ball flight. Plus, putting more weight on the heel makes it a little easier to square the face at impact. As a result, if you struggle with a slice like many average golfers, draw-biased weighting might be the solution.


The Honma GS fairway woods also have high-performance graphite shafts with a mid-kick angle, ensuring that the shaft flexes ideally to achieve a quicker swing speed. A more robust tip effectively transmits this speed to the ball, resulting in a high initial velocity. You have the option of choosing between Regular and Stiff.


Finally, Honma’s proprietary and unique Non-Rotating System in the hosel is intended to keep the shaft in the 6 o’clock position independent of loft or lie angle changes, resulting in a more consistent ball flight.


To summarise, this fairway-wood line is indeed the best three-wood for golfers with average to slower swing speeds. Honma provides an easy-to-hit fairway wood that will have you smashing the ball down the field even on off-centre strikes, thanks to crank slots and draw-bias technology. Crank-slots improve repulsion on off-centre shots, while weights placed from the heel to the backside aid in a higher trajectory and pure strike output.

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The Titleist TSi3 Fairway Wood

Fairway woods, particularly those that seem small behind the ball, can be hard to master, but the TSi3 can astound you with its levels of forgiving and how dynamic it sounds off the face. The Titleist TSi3 fairway wood is the most forgiving three wood ever made.

best golf wood

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The Active Recoil Channel 4.0 is a significant contributor to the TSi3 fairway wood’s forgiveness. As the name implies, Titleist has been using this technology for many decades, and it continues to operate as marketed. The ARC 4.0 has a shorter channel wall than prior versions, which helps produce more face flex at contact, allowing the ball to fly with a fast launch, low spin, and improved momentum. The revamped and more lightweight geometry also saves 5g of weight, redistributed elsewhere in the brain, increasing MOI and enhancing forgiveness, rendering it one of the most forgiving three woods on the market.


In addition, the Titleist TSi3 fairway wood has a high-face VFT Face that acts in tandem with ARC 4.0 to increase ball speed and forgiveness around the face. Titleist has also incorporated a high-contrast face style that is said to draw attention to the centre of the face, making it easier to align at address.


Last but not least, the SureFit CG Track Technology in TSi3 models allows you to change clubhead CG and fine-tune ball flight with neutral, fade, or draw flight in three different positions: toe (T), neutral (N), and heel (H). The latest track configuration blends into the club’s sole after modification, allowing for smooth turf contact at impact. On the other hand, moving the weight has a minor effect on ball travel, and there are just three locations. It’s perfect for high-end ball-strikers trying to boost their draw or fade, but this isn’t the product to use if you have a nasty hook.


All in all, the Titleist TSI3 Fairway Wood is the most forgiving three wood for high handicappers who want unparalleled speed and more accurate flight control. It boasts modern SureFit CG Track Technology for improved CG adjustability and the new Active Recoil Channel 4.0 to deliver a reliably higher, quicker launch.

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The Cobra King F9 Speedback Fairway Wood

Cobra has developed itself as a leading manufacturer of golf club technology. They’re making the most generous fairway woods for players with a mid-handicapping handicap. The Cobra King F9 Speedback Fairway Wood is jam-packed with features that will benefit golfers at all ability levels. The F9 blends Cobra’s most sophisticated driver engineering with the milling process face and speedback design, as well as the Baffler rails, which are one of the best hybrid innovations ever created.

best golf wood

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The F9 fairway wood shares much of the same aesthetic features as the driver (featured in our best drivers for mid handicappers’ article). The F9 Speedback 3-wood by Cobra employs Speedback Technology, which includes a lower, rear tungsten weight along with revamped Baffler rails to propel the center of gravity lower and deeper, identical to the Cobra King F9 Speedback driver. This has an effect on turf contact, resulting in faster club as well as ball speeds when struck. The 15g tungsten weight is placed deep and backwards to ensure increased, soaring ball flights and maximum forgiveness. The club feels smooth and well-balanced thanks to the extra forgiving provided by the single weight being in the club’s back. Besides that, incremental Baffler rail heights cater to varying attack angles, with lesser lofted fairways having wide and thicker rails and higher lofted fairways having bumpier rails. The 360 Aero polymer crown and titanium sole trips, which are directed in the direction of the club’s flow, reduce drag even more while increasing club speed.


Furthermore, the F9 Speedback includes Cobra’s industry-leading CNC milling face system, which took two and a half years to perfect and makes Cobra perhaps the first and only company to offer CNC milling in both the driver and fairway faces. Traditional hand driver faces are up to 5 times more reliable than this form. It was used to build the most refined and detailed driver face ever, narrowing the F9 Speedback by 3% and making it 10% lighter than its predecessor. It also has eight loft settings that can be easily customized, allowing players to manage the launch and spin conditions for maximum scope. The F9 fairway wood, like the driver, comes with a shiny black crown with a light-yellow sole OR a matte black crown with a white sole.

Last but not least, each fairway face is speed tuned to achieve reliable ball speed, launch, and spin using Dual Roll and E9 face technologies. CNC milling increases the precision of mis-hits and wonky strikes from all over the face by increasing curvature and bulge in different places. Rather than the bottom, the top roll is curved, which reduces spin and results in a high launch angle. The bottom roll curvature is adjusted to reach the whole spin and launch angle based on the golfer’s loft and swing direction.

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The Tour Edge Exotics EXS Fairway Wood

Tour Edge Exotic is not a household name, but it produces some of the best fairway woods, and Tour Edge has been known for supplying the best fairway woods for many years. Exotics EXS fairway woods from Tour Edge have confidence-inspiring looks, a hot and forgiving clubface, and just the correct number of choices to match players of all ages.


For starters, the EXS fairway metal’s stock shaft is Mitsubishi Chemical’s proprietary Tensei CK Blue 2G shaft series. Equipped with the latest materials like Carbon Fiber and Kevlar, as well as other composite materials that weigh between 50 and 70 grammes depending on flex, the Tensei Blue CK is extremely compact and sturdy throughout. Ladies’ A-flex and Regular shafts weigh 50 grammes, while Regular, Stiff, and X-flex shafts weigh 60 grammes, and Stiff and X-flex shafts weigh 70 grammes. There are also five different lofts to choose from. If you have a low handicap, the 13 or 15-degree tee club could be your new go-to tee club.

best golf wood

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However, if you’re a mediocre golfer, the 17 and 18-degree options would be highly beneficial off the tee and in the fairways.


Additionally, the FTS Technology in this technology-laden fairway wood allows interchangeable sole weights to also be moved to two different settings. Weight screws can be purchased individually or as part of a set that includes weights weighing 6-grams, 9-grams, and 14-grams.


The Exotics EXS fairway wood includes Cup Face Technology with Variable Face Thickness (VFT Technology) for a more prominent sweet spot. This steel cup face is made of high-density steel that has been thinned and strengthened using a unique heating process. A grid of 61 interlocking diamond forms in five thicknesses blankets the reaching field horizontally and vertically in the Variable Face Thickness. This allows for more accurate high ball speeds over a more significant portion of the face. Finally, the carbon fibre toe allows for shifting weight deeper towards the back of the head, resulting in a very high MOI.


In conclusion, even the best players can benefit from any assistance, which the EXS provides with its “Flight Tuning System,” or adjustable weights that aid in promoting draws, fades, and neutral shots. The EXS clubs not only look fantastic, but they also sound great!

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The Callaway Big Bertha B21 Fairway Wood

The Callaway Big Bertha B21 fairway wood is an excellent choice for most club and handicap golfers, particularly if you have trouble hitting the ball straight or getting it up in the air. The Big Bertha B21 is planned to assist golfers who have previously avoided using fairway woods due to poor contact. Callaway claims that this 3-wood is their easiest-to-launch three wood yet, thanks to its shallower face and deep CG.

First and foremost, this fairway wood has best golf wood

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a relatively shallow face, progressive dimensions, and an oversized Bertha shape that makes it easier to reach. This club performs similar to a hybrid due to the shallower face shape and conventional lengths based on loft, which can aid players who lack confidence off the tee and have more substantial turf contact. Simply put, a shallow face shape aids in lowering the CG in the face. Fairway woods are always struck low on the forehead, resulting in a higher launch and better performance for you.

Furthermore, the fairway wood has an Artificial Intelligence-designed Flash Face, similar to those used in prior models, to provide a slight spacing boost over a greater face region. The inclusion of Jailbreak bars, on the other hand, gives the face more stability and promotes even more pace. Jailbreak is made up of titanium bars that run vertically from the crown to the sole. This increases the impact strain on the ball’s face, resulting in faster ball speeds.

The latest T2C Triaxial Carbon Crown, on the other hand, offers more MOI while also being considerably thinner, aiding forgiveness while also increasing clubhead speeds. Callaway’s trademark fade to carbon fiber is featured on the crown of the B21 fairway wood. On either side of the chevron alignment assist is a small red stripe.

Ultimately, Callaway has raised the offset to minimize fade spin and encourage more of a pull, resulting in increased reach. If you’re fighting the slice, you’ll notice that perhaps the face squares up a bit more at contact, which may help settle things down. The club is distinctly offset, which may be upsetting for those golfers who are bound to missing the ball left instead of right on their poor shots.

In conclusion, the Callaway Big Bertha B21 is the best fairway wood to drive for players hesitant to hit fairway woods off the tee. It has a confident look at the address and throws the ball high with a lot of backspin to keep it airborne. It’s still really forgiving.

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The Cobra Radspeed Fairway Wood

The latest Radspeed Line builds on Cobra’s technical advances, such as the aerodynamic structure, CNC milled face, and low center of gravity first launched with the Speedzone F9 Clubs in 2019. (CG.) The RADSPEED fairway wood has a conventional design with radial weighting at the front and the back to deliver low spin, fast launch and increased stopping power into greens.

To begin with, Cobra has been CNC milling the faces of their drivers for quite some time, however, this is the very first time an Infinity Face has been utilized on one of their fairway woods. For the first time, the traditional Radspeed fairway has CNC Milled Infinity Face and 16g and 7g front and back weights, respectively. According to Cobra, the technology improves the area milled by up to 95 percent in terms of efficiency. And because it’s 5 times more precise than conventional hand-polishing, it means more reliable precision between heads, which results in greater smash factors as shots are struck further from the center and more ball speed. A 7-gram weight lies low/rear in the clubhead in the traditional COBRA RADSPEED fairway, while two 8-gram weights are positioned nearer to the face. This is the model with the most neutral weighting out of the three.
best golf wood

Buy From Amazon Apart from that, the Rad speed fairway wood has Cobra’s trademark Baffler Hollow Split Rails, which raise flexion on the forefront by 70% while maintaining excellent turf contact. This makes it one of the most forgiving fairway woods, particularly when faced with difficult lies. According to Cobra, the current hollow Baffler Rails improve turf contact so much that they keep 2.3mph more club speed and gain eight to ten yards (over the competition) based on swing speed.

Lastly, it’s not possible to build a drastic weight-loss technique like Cobra’s if you wouldn’t begin by losing weight elsewhere. Cobra began with the crown, slashing 30% of the weight of the former version by converting it to lighter carbon fiber. The concept allowed for the repositioning of 6g.

To sum it up, if you’re a player with an above-average swing pace that hits a lot of fairway woods off the tee, we think the Cobra Radspeed Big Tour will do you well. The Radspeed fairway wood is Cobra’s most forgiving fairway wood this year, thanks to its big sweet spot, forgiveness on turf interaction, and fine-tuned adjustability.

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The TaylorMade M6 Fairway Wood

The M5 and M6 are TaylorMade’s first two fairway kinds of wood to use twist face technology. While the M5 focuses on flexibility to improve performance, the M6 focuses on architecture to enhance functionality. The TaylorMade M6 fairway wood, much like the M6 driver (featured in this article), is non-adjustable. However, compared to previous fairway woods, it is more polished, lightweight, and elegant.


Twist Face, like the M6 driver, has a corrective face angle that reduces side spin and delivers straighter shots on off-center strikes. The revolutionary face curvature, which involves a corrective face tilt, was designed to reduce sidespin on off-center hits while still allowing for more consistent shots. The M6 fairway has an additional 0.5° of twisting compared to the drivers, with a total of 1.5° of deviation, which TaylorMade claims could minimize dispersion by up to 15 yards. Furthermore, the Twist Face has somewhat reduced loft in the bottom heel and significantly greater loft in the front sole, resulting in more uniform spin in areas where golfers often mis-hit.

best golf wood

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The Speed Pocket slot on the TaylorMade M6 fairway wood’s base has also been modified. As a consequence, connecting the ball to the lower part of the clubface will increase the ball’s momentum. It has even been subtly curved to guarantee a high pace. Increased slot flexibility led to a greater COR region and improved off-center accuracy, particularly on low-face strikes. A new form of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) covers the cavity deeper and lies flat with the heel, eliminating turf drag at contact. As a consequence, you’ll have an easier time connecting with the sole.


An inertia generator is built into the heel, which is composed of aerodynamic carbon. The updated carbon fiber sole design allows for up to 54% more excess weight to be redistributed in the clubhead than the M4 predecessor. The streamlined aerodynamic design and lightweight structure improve airflow, resulting in a higher speed generation reach. To optimize forgiveness, the inertia generator retains 46g of mass lower and back in the clubhead configuration. engineers were able to create a streamlined, aerodynamic design that used the new “inertia generator,” designed to gain greater forgiveness with higher launch and lower spin, thanks to the weight savings. The inertia generator makes up about a quarter of the real clubhead weight to achieve maximum forgiveness while lowering the CG compared to previous models. Finally, the M6 3-woods offer an incredibly high-strength C300 steel head insert that aids in ball velocity for relatively long shots.


To summarise, we believe it is one of the most relaxing woods available at a reasonable price. This wood will give you a boost of confidence. Since the revamped address profile has a more oversized crown, you’ll have a more hitting area. Besides that, because of the denser center point, you can conveniently get under the puck.

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The Srixon ZX Fairway Wood

The Tour-level production of the Srixon ZX fairway wood includes a penetrating ball flight and less spin. It has a narrow face and a slim profile. The head outline and the tilt of the face are both neutral. These woods are built to be usable off the tee and in the fairway, which is why they have a low-spin, piercing launch angle.


The rebound framework, which separates the face from the crown and eventually produces a ridge over the top of the head, is one of the prominent elements of the ZX fairway wood for 2021. By directing more energy onto the golf ball, the rebound frame allows for a more effective energy flow. The specific structure of the rebound frame enhances ball speed and distance on any shot, particularly center-face impacts. This functions by stacking flexible and rigid material in alternating zones to maximize energy transfer from the golf club to the ball.

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A stepped crown style, which reduces the club’s center of gravity to maximize launch and contribute to higher MOI power, is a secondary revolutionary innovation for the Srixon ZX fairway wood. It’s known as the “cannon sole system.” To maximize the center of gravity, weight behind the reaching field in the sole slopes upward and forward. Since the weight slopes upward and upward, like a cannon, to prevent a particularly flexible part of the body behind the leading edge, it’s called the Cannon Sole system.

The Srixon ZX fairway woods can yield more incredible ball speed, less spin, and a penetrating, low ball flight that many skilled golfers favor by lowering and moving the center of gravity forward.

In addition, the 3W and 3W+ ZX fairway woods have lightweight carbon crowns. The lightweight carbon crown is 15% bigger than prior generations, and the mass is positioned lower. More mass can be placed low and wide and around the circumference of the head, increasing MOI and forgiveness and ensuring greater accuracy for any shot. Overall, the combination of these innovations provides a club that can be trusted when hitting off the tee or on the grass.

Everything considered the Srixon ZX fairway woods are the finest woods and hybrids the company has ever produced, snugly competing with competitors’ products in this category. This club is a perfect choice for you if you need forgiveness for mis-hits. This is a sleek club from a manufacturer that strives to reinvent and broaden its product line while maintaining high quality. When it comes to distance vs. accuracy, one of the essential advantages of this club is that it will help you improve your accuracy.

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The Ping G425 Fairway Wood

Since introducing the Ping G2 in 2004, Ping has been known for producing some of the game’s most generous fairway woods.


Ping’s engineers continued to expand on the forgiveness foundation for 2021, so they developed two innovations to increase ball speed and boost spin stability from shot to shot. As a consequence, even on off-center hits, carry lengths are more accurate. According to Ping, this model would be the most straightforward choice for the majority of golfers, and thanks to the latest Face Wrap and Spinsistency technology, it will be 4.5 yards longer than that of the prior G410 fairway wood.

best golf wood

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To begin, the face, which is made from high maraging steel, now coils all around the crown and sole to increase ball speed all over the face. In addition, the face has a new variable curvature. The lower section of the face simply lowers loft twice more than previous ones, rather than having a consistent curve. The goal is to reduce the amount of spin and ball speed drop-off when the effect is low on the face. A fairway wood or hybrid face curvature will typically adjust the loft for impacts above the center by just over a degree while reducing loft low on the face by the same level. The loft low on the face of the G425 fairway woods and hybrids is twice as low for shots below the center, thanks to the variation in curvature. Simply put, the lower section of the clubface has less loft by nature, but Ping’s new line of woods has sliced that loft in half, resulting in shots that launch with far less spin and greater accuracy up and down the face.


A tungsten sole weight has also been carefully placed in each club to raise the MOI in the stainless-steel heads for increased forgiving. A modern 3-dot alignment feature on the crown gives golfers a tactile warning to address the ball in a way that better matches their vision.


In summary, the Ping G425 fairway woods are still the most solid choice in my experience if you have a high swinging pace and want to limit spin when hitting the ball reliably.

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The Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo 3 Wood

If you like the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo driver (featured in our best drivers for beginners’ article), you’ll enjoy the fairway woods because they have a lot of the same technology, just in a smaller package. Since they’re built for pace, the HB Turbo is an excellent option if you’re searching for a solid driver substitute off the tee or fairway wood to help you get after those par 5s.


But just how does the HB Turbo 3 wood boost speed? The boost in speed is achieved using the latest Launcher HB Turbo technology, which features a 6-4 titanium TurboCharged Cup Face. It offers a striking pattern of variable thickness that provides more speed on balls struck around the whole face. Having a cup face that extends around the perimeter provides more flexing at contact. The TurboCharged Cup Face boasts a higher COR (coefficient of restitution) over a more comprehensive impact field, resulting in improved ball trajectory and distance. In addition to this, the revised HiBore Crown reduces the center of mass by 2.2 mm, creating a low CG position for optimum launch conditions.

Moreover, for a more significant launch and further forgiveness, the weight savings from lightweight is reallocated lower and more profound. This modern Hosel design is 13 percent lighter than that its predecessor. Thanks to these key innovations, even a beginner golfer can achieve enhanced forgiveness, increased ball pace while encouraging the club to launch the ball marginally higher without adding spin.

best golf wood

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Cleveland had also introduced a Counter Balance Shaft Design in the Miyazaki C. Kua counterbalanced shaft, designed especially for the Launcher HB Turbo. So, how exactly is this new shaft design beneficial? The Miyazaki C. Kua shaft has been upgraded to eliminate weight from the shaft length and transfer it to the end of the handle, making the clubhead feel stronger and allowing golfers to swing even faster. Finally, it produces a tremendously loud sound at impact, which some players may find off-putting. So, if this isn’t something that bothers you, you should get your hands on these three woods ASAP!


In conclusion, the Launcher HB Turbo 3 Woods is the ultimate three-wood for recreational golfers who want to hit straighter and higher shots from every distance. The 3-wood in the Launcher HB Turbo 3 Woods has a Supercharged Cup Face for greater ball speed and reach. On the other side, the HiBore Crown decreases the center of mass for a better launch. At last, the lightweight and counterbalanced shaft configuration increase the MOI while still providing further forgiveness.

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Next, look for the following features in a 3-wood to help you determine which features would be more beneficial to your game:


While adjustable lofts in drivers and fairway woods are a relatively new concept, they can benefit seniors and golfers. The loft of the fairway wood can be adjusted by using an adjustable hosel. The player removes the head and adjusts it on the shaft in the favoured loft setting, usually accomplished with a flexible screw in the foot. The loft may usually be decreased or increased by 1-3 degrees using this process. This form, however, does not only affect the loft; the lie can also be influenced. The angle of the shaft in relation to the ground at the address is referred to as the lie because it affects the ball’s horizontal trajectory. Some adjustable hosels allow one to alter the loft angle without changing the lie angle, which is something to consider when buying a club with an adjustable hosel.

Finally, adjustable hosels are made to help you get the most out of your ball’s flight, velocity, and reach. The only way to figure out which configuration is best for you is to hit multiple balls at each available setting with a launch monitor and a qualified expert reading the numbers.


Using an adjustable weight function has become the standard in drivers to manipulate the centre of gravity placement. While this feature is less common in fairway woods, a few manufacturers do offer this feature. Manipulation of the weight position will change the centre of gravity, affecting forgiveness, flight trajectory, and altitude.


Everyone wants to hit the ball higher, and as clubs improve, we’ll be able to do so. These clubs’ architecture is constantly evolving, and designers are now working with airplane makers to reach the fastest swing speeds possible. When we combine club pace, aerodynamic dynamics, long, thin club faces, backward weighting in the club, and a lowered centre of gravity, we can still attain distance and straight shots even if we don’t connect with the club’s center for the shot. The low center of gravity allows one to strike the ball lower on the clubface, resulting in a higher launch path.


Year after year, golf clubs become more and more costly. The production (and marketing) costs are mirrored in the retail price tag as hand-crafted graphite shafts and carbon fiber compound clubheads become more popular. And so automatically, when you spend so much money on a golf club, you expect it to last. The craftsmanship and build quality represent the longevity of the product. A good club should last you many years, if not decades.


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