Best Golf Club Grips In 2023 – Buyer’s Guide


Despite their importance, golf grips are perhaps the most forgotten piece of equipment in a golfer’s kit. Golfers will research and switch their club, carrier, putter, and shoes, but grips are barely considered.

The head, shaft, and grip are the three main components of any club. The grip is the only one that is connected to the golfer. Hence, it goes without saying that finding the best grip for you and keeping the grips clean and ready to play is critical.


Product Name What makes it a great golf grip? Rating BUY NOW
The Superstroke S-Tech Golf Grip Best for softness and control in all weather condition. ★★★★★ Buy on Amazon
The Lamkin Crossline Golf Grips Comfort, reliability, accuracy reasonable price. ★★★★ Buy on Amazon
The Lamkin Sonar Standard Golf Grips Cutting-edge technology ★★★★★ Buy on Amazon
The Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Golf Grip Durable Grips for long lasting. ★★★★★ Buy on Amazon
The Winn Dritac Golf Grips Excellent control ★★★★★ Buy on Amazon
The Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Golf Grip Ideal for golfers with a mid-handicap ★★★★ Buy on Amazon
The Super Stroke Traxion Tour Putter Grip impressive traction, ★★★★★ Buy on Amazon
The Lamkin UTx Cord Golf Grip Maximum control and fast swing speeds. ★★★★ Buy on Amazon
The Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align Golf Grips ideal for golfers with jittery in their palms ★★★★★ Buy on Amazon
The Karma Velour Golf Grips Velvet grip good value your money ★★★★ Buy on Amazon


1. Lamkin Sonar Standard Golf Grips

The Lamkin Sonar Standard Golf Grips are among the best golf grips for sweaty hands since they are manufactured using a modern, super-tacky Genesis material that offers a smooth feel and a tacky gripping surface. A reduced-taper structure reduces hand tension for a smoother, quicker motion, whereas a network of micro-textures spread around the surface improves feel and feedback. Sonar is the perfect grip for a diverse range of golfers due to its somewhat smoother feel and super-tacky surface.

To begin with, the Sonar golf grip’s surface texture incorporates Lamkin’s latest Fingerprint Technology, which consists of a large number of micro-grooves developed to resemble a human fingerprint. This Fingerprint Technology makes the grip more secure, but when all of these micro patterns are merged, they have a lot of leverage, making it easier to grip the club. As a result, you’ll have less slipping and more leverage.


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Lamkin has used a “reduced-taper” shape in the Sonar golf grip to facilitate a smoother swing. Since the grip has a shortened taper, it doesn’t shrink as you move further from the club’s rear. The idea is that by holding the grip with less friction, you would be able to swing more consistently and smoothly. Other advantages of this style include consistent grip pressure, the freedom to use the full grip, and, for certain players, fewer hooks.

Aside from that, the Lamkin Sonar has a modern Genesis hybrid compound that, in addition to having excellent reliability, maintains its feel and tackiness in all environments. Furthermore, the price is reasonable considering the amount of hardware crammed into the grips. They are a few dollars less expensive than Golf Pride New Decade Multicompound, and one might say that all grip styles have almost equal amounts of R&D.

Lastly, the Lamkin Sonar golf grip aids in alignment. The Sonar grip has blue waves and white blocks to direct the hand positioning whether you like the logo up or down. The grip’s various textures provide a fascinating visual feature that you notice as you look at it more closely.

Considering everything, the Lamkin Sonar Standard Golf Grips are the best golf grips for aspiring and experienced players looking for cutting-edge technology in every area of their equipment. The Fingerprint Technology provides excellent traction, and the Genesis compound is very durable.


  • Fingerprint Technology and Genesis material
  • The taper patterns


  • taper design may not be suited to players that have a defined built pattern for their grips.

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2. Winn Dritac Golf Grips

The Dri-Tac is not only Winns’ most common grip, but it’s also one of the best golf grips for high handicappers. The Winn Dri-Tac golf grips have a range of characteristics, but Winn emphasizes their unique polymer blend, which allows them to achieve great tackiness and a range of firmnesses.

The WinnDry polymer material utilized in the Dri-Tac, according to Winn, provides a relaxed feel while also providing excellent non-slip output in all weather conditions. This club’s WinnDry polymer material has a rather tacky feel that fits well not only with moist hands but also in less-than-ideal weather situations, assisting golfers who have trouble with damp or sweaty hands when playing.

Besides, if you want a soft grip, the Dri-Tacs will provide it thanks to the polymer compound’s high tackiness, which results in an incredibly soft grip. Golfers with arthritis will benefit from these grips because, when holding these grips, they’ll feel like there is a little cushion between their palms and the shaft of their club.


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Moreover, the padded grip, which is woven for optimum stability, offers maximum shock resistance, making it an excellent choice for arthritic and hand fatigue sufferers. Furthermore, the grip’s padded classic wrap style is remarkably simple to install.

The Winn Dritac grips, on the other hand, stand out from the conventional golfing grips on the marketplace currently because they have superb stability while still feeling fantastic. The textured pattern on the grip has curved lines, X-marks, and hexagons in all the right places for a secure grip and a trendy appearance. Finally, they are available in four sizes: standard, midsize, oversize, ladies, and juniors. They are also available in three different colors.

All in all, the Win Standard Dri-Tac is the best golf grip for high handicappers who would like the ease, tackiness, and overall consistency of Winn golf grips but prefer a more conventional appearance than the X. Because of the excellent control they have, they are particularly well suited to short games around the green. The Dri-Tacs, on the other hand, might not be for you if you want a firmer feel and even more feedback.

Pros & Cons


  • Very easy to install
  • Very soft and comfortable
  • Durable


  • Slightly large

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3. Pride Tour Velvet Align Golf Grips

Our choice for the best golf grips for alignment is the Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align. The Align model features proprietary ALIGN Technology to increase clubface recognition and promote consistent hand positioning while maintaining the iconic Tour Velvet’s timeless feel.

To begin with, the Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align golf grip has ALIGN Technology, which is an elevated ridge along the bottom of each grip. This red ridge raises slightly as the grip is installed on the shaft. If the grip is correctly mounted, the elevated ridge would be precisely aligned with the clubface. This ridge in the grip allows the golfer to equate the clubface orientation and orientation with a tactile sensation. Simply put, as the red ridge is mounted on a tube, it raises and stretches down the grip’s back, assisting in hand alignment and stability and locking the hands in place every time.


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Furthermore, this Golf Pride grip’s surface texture includes a state-of-the-art rubber mix for optimum playability and a specifically engineered non-slip surface pattern with a plus sign texture that draws unnecessary moisture away from the surface for continuous traction under all conditions. Although the rubber compound is tacky and perfect for dry climates, these grips are not suitable for humid or rainy environments.

The Tour Velvet grip is a simple black grip with white marking. Including a red band around the “Golf Pride” logo and a red cap, the ALIGN edition adds a bit more flavor. The bright red ALIGN line down the back of the grip, of course, is what truly makes it stick out the most.

While these grips’ price is higher than other grips with comparable features, it can be justified because you get a lot of value for your money.

In conclusion, the Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align golf grips are the best golf grips for alignment and are strongly recommended for golfers who feel jittery with their palms before their swing. The elevated channel on the back of the grip will help you locate in the same hand position on each swing.


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4. Superstroke S-Tech Golf Grip

Most Tour-level professional players, such as Sergio Garcia, Victor Dubuisson, and Jordan Spieth, prefer the SuperStroke S-Tech Grip. This grip’s strength is that it has the perfect combination of softness and tack, and the cross-traction technology ensures that it can stay in place no matter what.

Golfers can see the technology integrated into the grip as they examine it closely. First and foremost, due to the premium molded compound rubber material that offers just the appropriate balance of softness and tack, this performance-driven grip has a soft yet tacky feel. It’s ideal for players who don’t want cord in their grips and need full leverage for the least amount of effort.


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These S-Tech grips also have the brand’s trademark Cross-Traction surface texture for improved control in just about any weather condition. When combined with the tack, the Cross-Traction surface pattern ensures that you keep a firm grip on the grip. This ensures that the grip works in all weather situations, even rainy ones.

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, the grip’s actual profile was designed with input from tour players in mind.

This tour-inspired profile features a minimal taper to help golfers maintain consistent hand pressure on both hands, allowing them to swing quicker and more comfortably square the clubface.

Moreover, these SuperStroke golf grips are more on the affordable side. It’s also a decent way to break into some proper grips for a modest investment, provided that they’re the preferred grip of more pros. Finally, the SuperStroke S-Tech Grip is available in regular and midsize sizes and a variety of vibrant colors such as black, grey, and blue.

In summary, the SuperStroke S-Tech Grips are ideal for golfers looking for outstanding softness and control in all weather conditions at a reasonable price. The S-Tech is a high-performance grip constructed of a modern and improved rubber compound. For increased feedback and power, they have a smooth, tacky feel. The cross-traction surface, on the other hand, provides non-slip all-weather performance.

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5. Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Golf Grip

The Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 is one of the best golf grips for high handicappers who want to switch clubs but need a long-lasting and inexpensive grip. It has a 360-degree shape with the iconic feel and looks of the Tour Velvet non-slip surface style. The double-dash rings on both ends of this golf grip ensure a clear look regardless of shaft direction or modifications.

The classic state-of-the-art rubber-blend compound with a non-slip surface design for full playability and confidence is featured first and foremost on these Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360s.

It just boils down to keeping the glove and grip as dry as possible while playing golf in damp weather. So, if you have a good grip, like the Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360, as well as some dry towels in your golf pack, you’ll be set for a nice rainy-day round. These golf grips are extremely comfortable in both wet and dry environments, but they’re mostly built for non-slip traction. The patented non-slip surface pattern has exceptional responsiveness while remaining comfortable.


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Moreover, due to the surface structure and rubber compounds that work together to create one of the softest grips on the market at the moment, Tour Velvet 360 is almost certainly going to be perfect for players suffering from arthritis or bone pains. These precisely engineered surface textures often draw moisture away from the surface, allowing for continuous traction.

Additionally, as the name 360 suggests, no matter how you mount these handles, they will look the same. As it has double-dash rings on both sides, this Golf Pride grip maintains a smooth look independent of shaft alignment or modifications. Finally, these grips have good feedback. They won’t give you the same kind of feedback as a firmer, cord grip does. Most players, however, would find that there is enough feedback to strike a balance between ease and sensation.

To summarize, if you’re looking for grips that will last longer than the 40-round regulation, the Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Golf Grips are an excellent option. Most golfers like the Tour Velvet 360 golf grips because they have all-weather control, reliable traction, and a surprisingly relaxed feel.

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6. Lamkin UTx Cord Golf Grip

The Lamkin UTx Cord is one of the best-corded golf grips for players with higher swing speeds who want excellent traction in a strong full-cord grip, in our opinion. It’s Tri-Layer Technology combines three different materials for optimal torsion control and vibration dampening.

Lamkin’s Tri-Layer tech on the UTx combines three different materials to achieve that feel. The lighter base material and solid outer layer are the remaining two layers, in addition to the cord layer. The hard outer layer provides unparalleled vibration dampening and surface tackiness with torsion power, while the softer base provides solid yet comfortable feedback. Because of the firm rubber coating on the upper portion of the grip, this UTx Cord is mostly designed for golfers with faster swing speeds. It has excellent torsion stability, allowing the grip to be bent as least as possible when swinging. The moisture-wicking fabric connects the outer and inner layers, allowing for more playability in a broader range of weather conditions while ensuring more than sufficient grip when damp.


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When those three layers are mixed, they produce a texture that is quite unlike anything else currently available in the grip industry. When gripped on a golf club, the UTx has just the right amount of tack and roughness to make it stand out.

In addition to this, using 3GEN shock absorption technology, the UTx maintains a desirable reaction level throughout the shot while providing comfortable shock absorption to shield a golfer’s hands and arms without tempering shot feedback. The majority of Tour players who use Lamkin grips have moved to the 3GEN rubber because it provides a performance level that no other grip material can match.

The UTx cord golf grips are only available in regular and midsize sizes, which appeals to many people but excludes those with smaller or larger hands. Last but not least, if you want to go for something out there, you might be able to find the UTx in fading red or blue colorways. The UTx is available in black, grey, blue, and red.

To conclude, the Lamkin UTx Cord is the best-corded golf grip for players looking for maximum control and fast swing speeds. The UTx Cord has a groundbreaking multi-layer grip that pushes all-weather durability and playability to new heights. UTx grips are made with Lamkin’s proprietary ACE (Advanced Cohesive Elastomer) material, which is ultra-tacky and shock absorbing.

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7. Lamkin Crossline Golf Grips

For over 20 years, Crossline has been one of Lamkin’s best-selling grips for golfers who request Tour-proven results, traditional looks, and a great feel. Crossline, which is also common on the PGA Tour, has a durable compound and best-in-class torsion control for better shot-making and morale.

Firstly, the Lamkin Crossline Golf Grips have a unique, densely spaced surface pattern that decreases torque and improves hand/lateral traction, making them the perfect golf grips for sweaty hands. They often perform well in wet weather or with sweaty hands. The Lamkin Crossline’s surface pattern, together with the material, provides a very reliable grip in several conditions.


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A synthetic rubber grip supports the hand and gives a tighter hold and, therefore, more feedback as you make contact with the ball, in addition to the dense pattern. The Crossline is rather stable at the touch, allowing you to maintain a light grip on the club. The performance advantage is that you just have to think about spinning the club and taking a golf shot rather than throwing your club into the lake in front of the tee box.

The Lamkin Crossline is also incredibly resilient, in addition to providing excellent feedback, feel, and stability. The Lamkin Crossline golf grips retain their “grip” for a long time because they are made of an extremely robust synthetic rubber compound. Many rubber grips break off with constant use and become brittle and slippery, which is an unavoidable golf grips fact. If you spend the bulk of the week playing and training, you will need to change your grips at any time during the season, but most weekend warriors will hopefully get a season out of these grips.

Finally, since these Lamkin Golf Grips come in various sizes and color combinations, Crossline can be customized to suit any golfer.

Overall, the Lamkin Crossline Golf Grips are worth considering because they have an excellent balance of comfort, reliability, reviews, and accuracy at a reasonable price.

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8. Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Golf Grip

Without a doubt, the Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G is the best golf grip for mid-handicappers. For a better feel, the Tour Wrap 2G has increased tackiness and comfortable material. The look and sound of premium leather are combined with high-tack rubber’s toughness and performance in this one-piece synthetic wrap grip.

To begin, these grips are made of a special fabric that has a polished cotton cord that settles against the pads of the fingers and replicates the feel of both leather and rubber. This intriguing material has a high tack, allowing for precise control, which is incredibly beneficial in warmer conditions. Many people use the high-tack grip because it will enable them to relax their grip and improve their swing without losing the club.


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The align technology on the 2G’s grip guarantees precision in your hand positioning any time you go to swing, thanks to its classic look and hybrid engineering. These golf grips with an elevated ridge have the finest of consistency and alignment by allowing golfers to align their hands on the ball comfortably. Furthermore, the pebbled texture of the surface area and sign pattern provide more visibility and aid in club control. The combination of brushed cotton cord with modern soft rubber material offers outstanding flexibility.

This package comes with everything you’ll need to regrip your club. You’ll also get 8 oz of special tour formula, 15 select 2-way tape strips, and a rubber shaft clamp in addition to the golf grip. There’s no need to buy the supplies separately to regrip your clubs because they’re all provided. Besides that, this Golf Pride grip features a simple curved, spiralized build for a classy appearance and comfortable feel in your palms.

One big disadvantage of these grips is that although they can withstand humidity, they can struggle in rainy or sweaty weather. Aside from that, these grips are a cost-effective option for individual golf grips. Finally, the Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G is available in blue, black, and white.

In conclusion, the Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G is suitable for golfers with a mid-handicap who need a comfortable and all-around grip.

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9. Super Stroke Traxion Tour Putter Grip

The Super Stroke Traxion Tour Putter Grip features Super Stroke’s most common grip profile, which lets golfers deliver a more stable, consistent stroke. No Taper Technology employs a parallel architecture to create a consistent lower hand profile that reduces grip strain. The Traxion Control and Spyne technology work together to ensure consistent hand positioning and stroke accuracy during your round.

To begin with, the proprietary No Taper Technology evenly distributes grip pressure for a more stable stroke. The No Taper Technology uses a parallel design to create a consistent lower hand profile that reduces grip pressure while maintaining a straight putter head direction. Golfers may also counterbalance their putter using the Tech-Port. The CounterCore weight device is compatible with all SuperStroke accessories, including the Tech-Port.


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The new Traxion provides an innovative surface texture architecture for improved feedback, improving the unparalleled feel and playability of the previous SuperStroke putter grip. Traxion Control is a surface texture that enhances feel and efficiency by strategically placing Traxion zones on the tacky polyurethane outer layer. The result is an incredibly relaxed feel that leads to increased overall morale.

The Super Stroke Traxion Tour Putter golf grip also includes innovative Spina Technology designed to help with consistent hand placement. Consistent hand positioning results in more consistent squaring of the putter face at contact during the stroke. Simply put, this is a rib that is embossed in the same way that Golf Pride’s Align Technology is. The Spyne has a softer texture than the rest of the handle, and it’s slightly elevated, but the rib isn’t as prominent as in most grips. This is a decent one to try if you’re just getting started with ribbed grips.


Finally, the Traxion Tour from SuperStroke comes in four sizes: undersize, regular, midsize, and jumbo. The grips are significantly lighter than conventional rubber grips, weighing 35, 48, 49, and 50 grams, respectively.

In conclusion, the SuperStroke Traxion Tour club grip has a comfortable texture and impressive traction, making it the perfect grip option. The Spyne Technology, on the other hand, gently reminds you to maintain a consistent grip on the club.

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10)    The Karma Velour Golf Grips

They seem similar to Golf Prides Tour Velvet at first sight, and it is easy to be mistaken. The Karma Velour grips are very durable and affordable. They have a wide range of schemes to choose from, all with a tour-proven grip template.

Karma Velvet makes these grips with a modern, harder rubber compound that gives them a great feel. As a result, you should be confident that you will appreciate gripping your clubs. The soft rubber surface on these handles not only feels great on your palms but also lasts a long time. You won’t have to change these grips for several months.


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While it isn’t an exclusive aspect, the Karma velour black grips have a traditional all-black color scheme and a well-known grip design. The tacky pattern on this grip does not wear down easily. The grips can retain a lot more moisture than the ribbed equivalents because of their traditional shape. Furthermore, since these 55-gram golf grips will not introduce any additional weight to your clubs, they feel light and relaxed in your hands.

Lastly, this Karma Velour golf grip includes 13 grips with a corded design (great for rainy conditions) and everything that you need to install them yourself, along with an adhesive and a rubber vise. As a result, they are simple to mount and can be completed in a matter of minutes without the assistance of anyone.

To summarise, you can replace your golf grips a couple of times a year to keep your clubs in proper working order. This 13-piece golf grip kit from Karma Velvet is an excellent option if your old grips are worn out or if you usually choose easy grips and value your money.

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Golf grips, which are generally made of rubber and thermoplastics, will help you find the best grip on your clubs for a more precise and relaxed swing. The best golf grips these days are high-tech, providing no-slip results in all environments while holding your mitts in maximum comfort all day—and all seasons. Many contend that going from a bad grip to a stronger one will reduce the handicap by several strokes.



Rubber, corded, hybrid, and wrap grips are the four major categories of grips to consider before picking the best one.

  • Golf Grips Made of Rubber

Rubber grips make up the bulk of golf grips. Rubber is a simple substance to mold, manufacture and has a firm yet adhesive feel. When it comes to design, hardness, and softness, rubber grips provide more options. If you suffer from arthritis or blisters due to your golf grips, the rubber grips will provide you with more choices.

Rubber grips’ tackiness in humid conditions is one of their drawbacks. Because when rubber grips get wet, they get slippery, which is something to keep in mind.


  • Corded Golf Grips

The grip’s surface has a cord woven to increase tension between the golfer’s hand or glove and the grip itself. They’re common with golfers who want more grip, whether it’s just a personal preference or they’re dealing with humid weather.

Corded grips, on the other hand, normally have no tack due to the rugged surface. Despite the gains, they can be difficult on your hands as a result.


  •   Hybrid Golf Grips

What do you do if you like the firmness and tackiness of corded grips but prefer the suppleness and tackiness of rubber grips?

You cram them together into a single grip! The corded segment is normally found at the top. Your left hand will benefit from the outstanding traction (for right-handed players). This improves the grip on long shots and in damp weather. The lower section is made of a smoother pure rubber stock, which gives your right hand more softness and texture. This improves your short game as well as your shot accuracy.

In essence, the cord portion provides all-weather performance, while the rubber portion adds comfort and the potential for reduced grip pressure in the short game. So, if you’re uncertain on whether to go all rubber or all cord, the hybrid grip is a perfect compromise.


  • Wrap Style Golf Grips

Wrap grips are a throwback to the classic leather grips, which featured leather strips wrapped around the handle. They now use new materials to produce a tacky-feeling soft surface texture.

Even though these grips are fairly basic, they usually have excellent value. The average cost per grip is in the low to mid-range.

Wrapped grips are becoming more common due to advancements in material styles and the improved tack of rubber and polymer blends.

It’s all about how you feel when it comes to picking the best style for you. In the end, the best grip is the one that looks more secure to the golfer and allows them to grip and handle the club properly.

When you’re redoing your clubs, there are a few things to aim for in golf grips. Grips come in a variety of colors, patterns, and tractions. For wetter environments, some people choose a more textured grip with ribs or a cord. At the same time, some prefer the tack provided by easy and smooth rubber grips.

You’ve come to the right spot if you want to learn everything there is to know about the effect golf grips have on your game. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty!



When choosing a grip, size is the most critical consideration because it directly impacts your swing. Undersize, regular, midsize, and oversize are the four possible golf grip styles, which can all be customized with tape to improve how it fits in your hands. Additional layers of tape can be added during installation to customize the look further.

A golfer can lose 3-4 strokes per round by using a poorly fitting grip. If your grip becomes too small, it will allow for more flexibility in your hands’ rotation, potentially leading to a ball pull. If the grip becomes too large, it restricts wrist mobility, leading to a ball push in the worst-case scenario.


The grip’s material quality is critical in determining consistency, longevity, and dependability. Golfers want their new golf grip to give them courage, enabling them to swing easily without fear of slipping or having a poor response. Some grips are made of a special substance made to feel tacky for greater gripping strength, which can come in handy when it’s raining or extremely humid.

Look for high-quality fabrics that have a high level of wear resistance and longevity and a high level of consistency over a long period of time, such as several rounds.


Some people prefer a smooth, tacky feel when striking the ball, while others like a firmer feel. Golf grips are designed in various ways to meet a variety of needs, depending on what they are.

A simple grip composed of a soft rubber compound may be the way to go if you plan on playing in normal conditions without any rain and want a smoother feel.


Moisture is yet another critical thing to keep in mind. If you live in an environment where rain and moisture are a problem, you must take extra care when selecting new grips. In a very hot, humid, and perhaps gloomy climate, a material designed to prevent grip slipping in the player’s hands during a swing could be required.

In wet weather, golf grips with cord fabric are particularly useful for providing additional traction and protection.

Cord grips are, however, too rough for certain players’ hands. If the cord isn’t a choice, golfers can opt for a grip with a thick pattern and surface texture to give them the leverage they need to prevent their clubs from sliding (or flying) out of their hands. Smooth grips, and grips composed of rubber or other polymers, are not recommended for wet environments.


Many grips have some kind of alignment assist. If you’re having trouble with poor hand positioning or wanting to improve your grip, this can be very beneficial. Others have small differences of just a few dots or circles, and some have various colored fields, curves, and lines such that even non-golfers can accurately position their hands on the golf club.




What is the best way to clean golf club grips?

Many golfers will disinfect their clubheads. Serious golfers believe that turning upon an excellent course with rusty clubs disrespects the game. However, only a tiny percentage of players know how to clean their grips.


Trying to keep your golf grips washed and dry, as well as storing them in a clean, room-temperature setting, can help them last longer. Oils from your hands and humid, moist conditions are the two most prominent constituents of tackiness in golf grips.


Use a lightweight scrub brush and gentle dish soap to disinfect the grips thoroughly. Using soapy water, scrub the grips all over before drying them with a towel. Allow them to dry entirely before reusing them.


Finally, don’t lock them outside in your car’s trunk, where they will heat up and wear out more quickly!


What is the best way to determine the size of my golf grip?

It would be best to get the grips properly fitted or use a Grip Selector option from Lamkin or Golf Pride, two big players in the golf grip sector. If you’re unsure, seek advice from a PGA expert in your region.


Is it better to have a firm or a soft grip? 

The softness of your club’s grips will inevitably come down to a personal choice: choose the grip that makes you feel the most relaxed. Many beginners, veterans, and golfers with arthritis choose softer grips because they are more comfortable.


A common rule is that individuals with a tighter grip should go for a softer grip, while people who grip the club gently with less pressure should use a firmer grip that feels more comfortable. Because you’re closer to the club with a firmer grip, you get more feedback without the sound dampening that a gentle grip does.


Soft grips can get overly sticky in your hands if you play in hot arid climates. Golfers favor medium-to-firm grips in hot weather because they soften automatically as the temperature rises.


What are the most common golf grip brands? 

From Honma and TaylorMade to Titleist and Callaway, all of the leading golf club manufacturers ship clubs with grips bearing their brand names. Despite this, none of these businesses own their rubber manufacturers. They all use these top golf grip manufacturers as subcontractors:


Golf Pride

Known as the most superior grips on tour, Golf Pride grips are ideal for players searching for the proper tapering and alignment guides.



A direct competitor to Golf Pride, Lamkin’s products are known for their engineered fabrics, which give them a comfortable feel while remaining durable.



This brand prefers rubber structures, and its rain-centric grips have some of the best wet-weather results.



This company manufactures grips for various clubs, but their oversize putter grips are familiar with both pros and amateurs due to their improved stabilization.






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