Best Golf Sunglasses 2022

Best golf sunglasses 2021

One golf accessory that often gets overlooked when shopping for golf equipment is sunglasses—even though playing golf, shielding your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays should be your number one priority. Wearing the right kind of sunglasses will not only keep your eyes protected but will also enhance your visibility and accuracy. 

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ADIDAS KUMACROSS 2.0 SUNGLASSESrapid-change lens mechanism★★★★Buy From Amazon
MAUI JIM HO’OKIPA SUNGLASSESsleek and sturdy★★★★★Buy From Amazon
UNDER ARMOUR IGNITER 2.0 SUNGLASSES quality and feel on a budget★★★★Buy From Amazon
TIFOSI JET SUNGLASSESaffordable price tag with high-quality★★★★Buy From Amazon
NIKE SHOW X2 SUNGLASSESaccurate details on the course at all angles★★★★★Buy From Amazon
DUDUMA'S POLARISED SUNGLASSEShigh-quality and stress-resistant frames★★★★★Buy From Amazon
OAKLEY TARGETLINE PRIZM SUNGLASSESfeatures top-notch technologies★★★★Buy From Amazon

providing a personalized fit.★★★★Buy From Amazon
NIKE MAVERICK FREE SUNGLASSESoffers interchangeable lenses★★★★Buy From Amazon

Even as you walk about and swing your golf club, the ten best golf sunglasses listed below will stay comfortably on your head all day long after reading you can choose the best sunglasses for golf!



 For quite some years now, the Flak Jacket’s successor, the Oakley Flak 2.0 XL, has become not only an Oakley standard but also one of the best golf-specific sunglasses. The Oakley Flak 2.0 XL sunglasses are available to purchase in various lenses, including but not limited to regular, Prizm (polarized/Iridium), and photochromic lenses.

A decent size frame with expanded lens coverage is provided by the Flak 2.0 XL version so that every millimeter of the peripheral view is assembled with High-Definition Optics. Okay has used its High-Definition Optics technology in the Oakley Flak 2.0 XL golf sunglasses, a set of proprietary inventions allowing Oakley eyewear to achieve and exceed the optical visibility, visual fidelity, and effect tolerance testing requirements of the American National Standards Institute. High-Definition Optics helps to lend the lens power highly robust for whatever action you take part in. This technology will aid you in spotting textures of grass that you would otherwise overlook.

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The Oakley Flak 2.0 XL sunglasses also feature Oakley’s patented O Matter material for incredible longevity and ultra-light comfort. These frames are said to be nearly indestructible. Moreover, the ‘XL’ in the name refers to the taller semi-rimless lens configuration that provides an extended field of view downward, eliminating glare on the lower half of the lens and providing more visibility. As a result, helping you see the green contours better and enabling you to see the ball in the air. 

The Prizm lens on the Oakley Flax 2.0 XL utilizes Oakley’s Prizm technology. Oakley Prizm Golf lenses improve the distinction of the various colors of green seen on the golf course, resulting in a much clearer understanding of fairway, fringe, semi-rough and rough terrain. And as you hit the surface, small shifts in grain direction and grass consistency are more apparent, contributing to the flat stick’s more robust pace. Moreover, this feature can also improve the game by restricting your vision to the target only.

One of the most infuriating moments when golfing can be sunglasses that keep sliding down and don’t hold in place. But, you need not worry! Both when taking a big cut off the tee at the ball or staring squarely down over the ball when putting, the Flak 2.0 Xl will sit securely in place on the face. Oakley has achieved this by using their proprietary Unobtanium material on the temple arms, ear socks, and nose pads, holding the frames in place. The more you perspire, the stickier and tackier the pads will get, increasing grip.

Using the three-point method, the strain is uniformly dispersed through these sunglasses to the three major touch points on your face: your nose and behind your ears. This method boosts relaxation and makes the frames wearable for more extended periods.  Last but not least, in order to keep your Oakley sunglasses clean and secure, they come with a soft vault sunglass case and micro bag.

 All in all, if you’re someone who enjoys playing golf, then there’s no reason as to why you shouldn’t invest in the Oakley Flax 2.0 XL sunglasses as they are one of the best golf-specific sunglasses available in the market to purchase as of right now. These sunglasses help you see the ball clearly, saving a substantial amount of time during a round.

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In partnership with pro athletes, the Adidas Kumacross 2.0 sunglasses are designed to ensure an active lifestyle, thanks to sturdy materials and high-quality lenses. For extreme results, the ultra-light frame features the Adidas SPX Flex Zones. The lens and structure in the wrap-around style have great coverage and help improve your peripheral vision. The wraparound feature also provides another layer of certainty that the glasses stay fit on the golfer’s head.

The Kumacross 2.0 sunglasses are amongst the best golf-specific sunglasses to shield the eyes both on and off the course since the Adidas Kumacross 2.0 sunglasses feature a polycarbonate lens that offers 100% UV safety coating that helps protect against the sun’s harmful rays. 

best golf sunglasses

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 Kumacross 2.0 comes with an utterly embossed rim that guarantees that the glasses survive unintended drops when using it on the field. The full-rimmed frame is built to keep the eyes free from sunshine. However, some golfers that want the wide-angle periphery view of the course may find these full-rimmed frames off-putting. Players can also switch their lenses quickly on the full-rim glasses. The Quick-Change Lens System is an absolute game-changer, making it better than the most sunglasses available in the market. This system allows golfers to quickly replace their lens when the light conditions on the course change. Quick lens modification ensures maximum visual comfort while also maintaining the right fit.

Additionally, the Kumacross 2.0’s ultra-light frames feature double-snap nose pads customized for ultimate comfort. At the same time, the patterned grip temples guarantee that the rim stays tightly in place through all phases of swinging. Moreover, the frames are available in five lens colors, with every pair of shades featuring a double-snap nose pad. Lastly, they come with a case that keeps them completely safe when not in use.

Everything considered the Adidas Kumacross 2.0 golf-specific sunglasses are an ideal choice for golfers. On the golf course, the Kumacross 2.0 meets all of your requirements. These prescription-ready and golf-specific sunglasses are both rugged and versatile, and the rapid-change lens mechanism lets golfers respond rapidly to various environments.

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Engineered and manufactured in Hawaii, Maui Jim Ho’okipa also, like most of its predecessors, comes fitted with high-quality PolarizedPlus2® lens technology, which prevents 99.9% of glare, blocks 100% of harmful UV, and absorbs dangerous blue light, shielding your eyes from injury and long-term health risks, all while improving your surrounding’s color. This lens technology results in unparalleled visual acuity, contrast, and hue. The Polarized lens not only eliminates glare and enhances color, but they also consist of a water and oil barrier and are also scratch and shatter-resistant. 

best golf sunglasses

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Moreover, the Ho’okipa is rectangular-shaped semi-rimless frames, offering a smooth and hindrance-free viewing environment without stiff frame outlines. For a golfer, the rimless frame provides the most fantastic view of the golf course. Simultaneously, the rectangular-shaped structure complements a variety of facial forms such as the heart, round, oval, and circular shapes of the face. Thanks to their rimless nature, these sports sunglasses are extremely lightweight and relatively simple to use. In addition, just like the Adidas Kumacross 2.0, the Maui Jim Ho’okipa also features a ridged, rubberized grip on the nose pads and temples that ensures that the frame stays firmly in place through all the phases of swinging.

The glass frame is constructed of Grilamid plastic, bringing toughness and stability to the otherwise lightweight frame. Comfort and longevity are thus given. The frame’s versatility is achieved by utilizing anti-corrosive hinges that allow the sunglasses to fit various shapes and sizes of the head. No matter how long you stay out on the course, these excellent features ensure that the golfer does not suffer from fatigue or headaches. Maui Jim uses anti-reflective technology to avoid ‘bounce back’ reflection from behind, which also helps prevent eye pressure and fatigue. The glare of bounce back can cause eye strain.

Everything considered these sunglasses are the best option for golfers who want full security in a minimal style. They are sleek and sturdy yet packed with everything an average golfer would look for.

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If you’re looking for a rugged and almost unbreakable pair of golf-specific sunglasses, then look no further, as with the Under Armour Igniter series, you really can’t go wrong. Under Armour accomplished this by using a fusion of Grilamid and Titanium to design their sunglasses frame. These materials combined produce an extremely durable structure that can flex and retain its shape through various extreme conditions. 

As the lens’s outer sides are not darkened, the revolutionary ArmourSight technology offers 20 per cent more optical visibility. This improves the peripheral vision of the lens and its overall longevity. The lens is ten times tougher than most conventional lenses made from polycarbonate, allowing them to survive aggressive outdoor events that may take place; golfers can be confident that these lenses will survive many harsh conditions that happen on the golf course. Moreover, the polycarbonate polarised lenses on these sunglasses offer high-glare reduction and help golfers distinguish colors in very bright and washed-out settings. These sunglasses also consist of a scratch and shatter resistance Multiflection lens coating guard. 

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A wide field of vision through a rimless frame is provided by the sleek UA Igniter2.0, allowing maximum flexibility across multiple sports. The rimless frame aids in eliminating glare on the lower half of the lens. In return, helping you see the contours of the green better and enabling you to see the ball in the air and minimizing eye fatigue without significant color distortion. In addition, the UA Three-Point Grips and the adjustable nose pads on the temples guarantee that through all the phases of swinging, the frame stays firmly in place. Moreover, all of the Igniter 2.0 lenses are coated to block 100% of UVA, UVB & UVC rays, shielding your eyes from harmful rays and long-term health risks. Lastly, the UA Igniter Sunglasses are available in various colors as well as lens combination. 

To sum it all up, if you’re on the hunt for a pair of shades that will provide you with the premium quality and feels on a budget, then you should go for the UA Igniter 2.0 sunglasses. UA Igniter 2.0 offers better visual clarity compared to Adidas and Oakley because of the Armour Sight lens it utilizes.

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The Tifosi Jet Sunglasses offer a trendy and sturdy build that golfers enjoy. Tifosi sunglasses are manufactured using the Grilamid TR-90 nylon material, resulting in an extremely lightweight and durable frame. The use of nylon material enables even after aggressive use of the sunglasses to be stable. The structure’s bending force will guarantee that the frame will return to its initial form even if it is strained. The material also provides much more excellent chemical and UV resistance. The Tifosi frames are built to ensure ease during the day in sports and activities.

The Tifosi Jet sunglasses also offer a Glare Guard Lens coating that reduces bright flares and reflections, which could lead golfers to hit dramatically. Along with enhanced visual acuity, the Glare Guard Lens also minimizes eye strain and fatigue. 

best golf sunglasses

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Tifosi’s lenses are made from decentered polycarbonate material. The polycarbonate lenses are optically decentered to eliminate distortion and sharpen peripheral vision. Also, offer 100% protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays. For improved optical acuity and minimized eye pressure, polarized lenses eliminate 99 percent of the visible glare. By utilizing all of these technologies, Tisofi has demonstrated that they have extensively researched and studied a golfer’s facial anatomy when developing Jet sunglasses.

The Jet sunglasses feature interchangeable nose pieces made out of hydrophilic rubber with flexible nose sections that offer an excellent grip, which gets stickier and tackier when it comes to perspiration. These sunglasses, which are both lightweight and comfortable, have an integral hinge that makes them very practical, versatile, and architecturally ideal. With its ultra-light nature and excellent functionality, you can enjoy golfing without being concerned about the sun. From small to big, Jet suits a wide range of face shapes. The jet sunglasses come with a secure cleansing bag and a case. So, you can store your sunglasses safely while they’re not being used.

In conclusion, Tifosi Jet sunglasses come at an affordable price tag with high-quality features. The ultra-lightweight, streamlined architecture of the Jet is practical and aesthetically appealing. These sunglasses are definitely worth giving a try!

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Nike is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of sports apparel, footwear and other sporting products. Nike Show X2 sunglasses were designed by Nike in collaboration with professional golfers to introduce groundbreaking technologies to enhance comfort, making these sunglasses an ideal choice for golf players. 


 The ideal eight bases covered Nike Show X2 provides:

  • Incredible grip.
  • Coverage and stability with a dual interchangeable lens build.
  • Making it an excellent sports accessory.

The two interchangeable lenses are ideal for virtually any weather. 

best golf glasses

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Furthermore, Using the Nike Max Optics technology, the Show X2 sunglasses feature a revolutionary tint intended to visually increase the ball’s whiteness and the contrast to the green. The lenses’ cut maximizes the vision and clarity from every perspective, offering you the ultimate view of the golf course. In addition to this, the MAX Optics will help to block 100% of UVA and UVB light, protecting your eyes from harmful UV radiation. The fully flexible architecture of the wraparound offers a superior field of view as well.


Nike utilized an ultra-lightweight, sturdy nylon frame with superior cam-action hinges for additional toughness. The use of nylon material enables the sunglasses to be durable even after aggressive use. The nylon frames also make the sunglasses scratch-resistant and nearly undetectable. Moreover, The Nike Show X2 features a semi-rimless frame construction that offers a convenient and protected fit with a large and unobstructed field of vision. The nylon semi-rimless frames are available in several colors: blue, red, white and yellow.


For enhanced airflow, fog-free lens, better grip and a customized fit, the Nike Show X2 also comes with an adjustable rubber nose ventilated bridge, making it an excellent choice for athletes. Additionally, a flexible rubber secure-fit temple design was used by Nike for a secure and comfortable fit. The tailor-made ear handles will ensure that the sunglasses stay firmly on the golfer’s head. Lastly, to keep your Nike Show X2 sunglasses safe when not using them, you are provided with a soft case that offers excellent security in all conditions.


In conclusion, the Nike Show X2 is the best golf sunglasses at generating the most visually accurate details on the course at all angles, making them an excellent choice for golfers and athletes.

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Thanks to its rugged make, stylish looks and super lightweight properties, Duduma’s Polarized eyewear line has been a standout in the industry for many years. The Tac Polarized Lenses included in the wholly polarised Duduma Sports Sunglasses block out 99% of reflecting light without producing the haze and optical distortion from polarised lenses made from traditional processing techniques. Besides, seventh layers are used in the Tac lens. The first layer is a layer of polarization. To increase longevity, the second and third layers are bonding layers. In order to absorb UV light, the fourth and fifth layers are UV defense layers. The sixth and seventh layers are layers that are shatter-resistant. They also work to block out the blue light, improve the contrast and to make it highly efficient on the golf course.

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For long life and optimal efficiency, these Duduma polarized sunglasses are manufactured using solid polycarbonate. Due to the robust plastic frame and rugged polycarbonate lenses, these sunglasses are also very sturdy. Whereas the sunglasses are also ultra-lightweight, a blend of modern construction technologies and creative, proprietary materials. For all-day defiance, these sunglasses are both lightweight and robust. When on your face, you can barely feel them. These sunglasses, in addition, feature a TR90 Unbreakable Frame. These bendable frames are constructed of flexible and lightweight plastic materials. They are unbreakable and can revert to their initial shape even after they have been bent/strained. A compact, scratch-resistant case is provided to store the sunglasses safely.


Last but not least, these polarised lens has more than ten colors that complement the lens.


To sum it all up, These Duduma sunglasses are one of the best as they perform well for a variety of different outdoor activities and sports. The high-quality and stress-resistant frames offer an aesthetically pleasing appearance. You should most definitely invest in these shades and wear them to shield your eyes from harmful UV light anytime you go outside.

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Oakley Targetline Prizm sunglasses are primarily designed for sports such as golf. These sunglasses have an angled brow and sleek temples designed to fit under a hat. Oakley’s Target line has incorporated an O Matter side shield to prevent backside glare. 


These sunglasses use a wider Prizm lens to give you a better and uninterrupted downward vision when hitting a golf ball or sneaking your way through obstacles. At the same time, it provides unparalleled lighting control for accurate display, maximum contrast and improved clarity. Thanks to the color contrast created by the innovative Prizm lens technology, you can read greens more accurately and determine the hole’s topography from tee to green. They can help easily track the ball in the air and help identify obstacles on the ground when driving rough terrain.

best golf sunglassses

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In addition, Targetline has a built-in side screen that blocks back, and sides glare. Along with protecting your eyes, these sunglasses will also eliminate the stress that can build up as a result of frequently squinting in bright light and give your vision a boost, allowing you to see breaks and borrows better even in harsh light conditions. Furthermore, the Targetline utilizes Oakley’s cutting-edge Plutonite lens technology to block 100% of all UV rays’ types, including UVA, UVB, UVC, and even protect against harmful blue light.


Like the Oakley Flak 2.0, Targetline Prizm sunglasses also feature High-Definition Optics, a set of proprietary inventions allowing Oakley eyewear to achieve and exceed the optical visibility, visual fidelity, and effect tolerance testing requirements of the American National Standards Institute. High-resolution optics help increase your lenses’ performance, so they can be very reliable for the activities you participate in. The high-resolution optics provide excellent optical clarity and clear vision from all angles. There is also a three-point method that distributes the load evenly over the face’s three main points through the sunglasses. These golf sunglasses have anti-skid and nose pads that increase tension when sweating, as a result holding your sunglasses firmly in place. The more you perspire, the stickier and tackier will the pads get, increasing grip.


It comes with a cleaning and micro storage bag to keep your sunglasses safely when not in use. The frame size best-suited for medium to large faces. The sunglasses are available to purchase in two lens technologies, Prism Golf and Prism Dark Golf lenses. 


All in all, the Oakley Targetline sunglasses undoubtedly offers exceptional value for money as it features top-notch technologies that improve awareness of contrast and depth out on the course. 

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Tifosi’s most advanced Smoke Polarized Fototec lens technology gives the Tyrant 2.0 an edge over its competitors. The Fototec polarized photochromic lenses can automatically adjust the color according to the ambient light level. Microscopic particles integrated within the lens in bright light respond to UV rays by darkening the optics and reduces the amount of light reaching your eyes. On the other hand, when entering shady or cloudy weather, these particles receive more light and return to their original state to improve visibility. This means that the lenses are darkened when it is bright outside and vice versa. Hence, you’ll be able to focus entirely on your game without continually having to switch lenses or shades with the changing weather. 

best golf sunglasses

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Tifosi Tyrant 2.0 sunglasses frames are manufactured using a homopolyamide nylon material known as GrilamidTR-90, for an unbelievably light and sturdy frame resistant to chemicals and offer 100% protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays. The nylon frames provide tailored fit, durability and impact tolerance in all temperatures. Moreover, these frames also make the sunglasses scratch-resistant and nearly undetectable. 


Plus, Tyrant 2.0 also features Vented lenses to improve ventilation and minimize fogging. Tifosi lenses are produced from decentered polycarbonate material shatter and scratch-resistant and eliminate distortion and extreme magnification. Tifosi features versatile ear and nose pieces made up of comfortable hydrophilic rubber to ensure a personalized, slip-limiting fit. The more you sweat, the more grip hydrophilic rubbers provide, helping you play golf carefree. This offers you the opportunity to carry out a more fantastic range of tasks without losing your sunglasses.


Everything considered, if you’re interested in buying lightweight sunglasses that are trendy and durable as well, then you should opt for the Tifosi Tyrant 2.0 sunglasses. Along with providing a personalized fit, they are convenient, secure and tight as well.

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The Nike Maverick Free Sunglasses deliver a versatile, lightweight nylon semi-rimless framework that features long-lasting comfort on and beyond the golf course. The semi-rimless frame construction provides an extended field of view downward, eliminating glare on the lower half of the lens and providing more visibility. As a result, helping you see the greens’ contours better and enabling you to watch the ball from the tee to the hole you hit. Simultaneously, the nylon material provides a tailored fit, durability and impact tolerance in all conditions. Moreover, these frames also make the sunglasses scratch-resistant and virtually unbreakable. Thanks to their rimless nature, these sports sunglasses are extremely lightweight and relatively simple to use.

best golf sunglasses

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Furthermore, Maverick Free has a ventilated nose rubber bridge that eliminates fog, enhances airflow, and does not obstruct optics. This ventilated nose bridge is met with the revolutionary temple cushioning for a personalized fitting. The rubber secure-fit temple design was used by Nike for a secure and comfortable fit, ensuring that the sunglasses will stay firmly on the golfer’s head and not slip down always. These sunglasses have a stylish arm and can be worn comfortably with a hat, a combination pretty popular with male golfers. Last but not least, The Maverick Free offers interchangeable lenses that allow you to switch lenses as the light conditions on the course change.

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Parting Thoughts 


A good pair of golf-specific sunglasses should be comfortable and have high-quality, rugged lenses that will enhance your vision of the golf course. It’s essential to invest in high-quality and durable golf sunglasses. Using golf-specific sunglasses, you can conveniently avoid the light rays that can be blinding without having to squint uncomfortably. This helps you make the most out of your golf experience and enjoy additional time on the golf course.


Golf sunglasses can also help you better read greens, recognize contours, and make it easier for you to see the ball in the air and on the ground. They will enhance the sense of depth and boost colors, resulting in more precise swings. 


Golf exclusive lenses will be a lot better than regular glasses because they are designed primarily to reduce glare on the lower half of the lens. In contrast, regular glasses will leave a bit of space under the rim. Getting rid of this distortion would mean that you’re going to be able to see the contours of the green while also still being able to see the ball in the air.

Another different aspect of golf-specific sunglasses is that they use tinted lenses to obscure various light forms, protecting the eyes from harmful UV rays that can inflict eye damage. Besides, Golf-specific sunglasses contain lenses that further amplify the colors you see throughout the golf course and help you to discern between various shades of greens and browns. For both, having a successful contact with the golf ball and chipping and putting the correct distance, depth perception is key


Although there is no empirical evidence to support the argument that different shades and tints can improve your performance, individual golfers believe that colored lenses can help their game under certain circumstances. 

For golf sunglasses, colors such as dark amber, cinnamon, brown and rose copper are considered the best lens colors. Not only will these four colors give you a sharp contrast on the greens and the fairways, but they’ll also encourage you to follow the ball through the breeze. Moreover, these colors improve contrast without inducing color distortion dramatically.

Brown and cinnamon lenses are also excellent at obscuring blue light that occurs on dark, overcast days. Amber lenses have a vision similar to Brown lenses but are a better choice for lower-light environments. Whereas lens colors such as rose copper or red illuminate red and yellow color shades of green that allow you to see the surface area’s contours, making it easier to read breaks. Albeit, they tend to be not as good off the tee box. 

However, there are also a few colors that you would want to skip if you’re going to have the best visuals on the course. For golfers, green and gray lenses are not an everyday lens choice. There’s nothing wrong if you want to opt for gray or green colored lenses, but since they do not boost or highlight the golf ball, we prefer not to suggest these tints. These lens colors are neutral because they cut the sun’s rays without significantly changing the actual colors.


Polarized lenses are considered the perfect option for golf because, as sunlight is projected off horizontal surfaces, they can eliminate the glare entirely. The lenses in polarised sunglasses are manufactured with a special filter that blocks the light and increases vision. However, many people claim that polarised lenses can make it difficult to read greens on the golf course. This mostly comes from the fact that polarised lenses appear to impede the sense of depth and interferes with tracking the ball in the air, significantly impacting your game. Most golfers, therefore, tend to opt for non-polarised lenses.

However, there’s no empirical evidence backing up the claim that polarized lenses adversely alter the sense of depth. In reality, a study conducted in 2008 concluded that the sharper contrast generated by polarization helped improve perception depth. On the other hand, Non-polarized lenses are great at minimizing the visibility of all sorts of light that may come through the lens, helping us see better in challenging light conditions. But they do little to nothing when it comes to eliminating the glare.

Even though a larger proportion of golfers may say that polarized lenses aren’t perfect for golf, it’s just a matter of personal preferences. In the end, the decision as to whether you should opt for polarised lenses or non-polarized lenses solely depends on your judgment and opinions. Start out with polarised lenses if you’re still confused about which lens is the best for you. Suppose you don’t feel comfortable playing with these lenses or have trouble reading greens; feel free to swap your lenses with any non-polarized lenses. 


 Frame material is another vital aspect that needs to be taken into consideration when looking for the perfect golf eyewear. Lightweight plastic frames are prevalent among golfers because they are not prone to high temperatures and, due to their lightweight, can be worn for more extended periods of time. Comparatively, high-quality plastic frames tend to be more resilient than metal frames and are much less likely to be broken if they are thrown off. Furthermore, it would be best if you opted for frames that offer rubber nose pads and temple design to ensure that the sunglasses stay firmly on the golfer’s head while also allowing personalized, slip-limiting fit golfers to carry out a more excellent range of tasks without losing their sunglasses. And last but not least, you should always opt for shades with an adequate yet secure fit so that you can keep your glasses on for all 18 holes.


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