Best indoor putting green 2023: Indoor courses to try at home

We are all aware of how critical, good putting is in lowering your golf scores. And, if you’re serious about enhancing your putting, the ability to practice without having to head to the range or golf course is a significant plus.

Indoor putting greens are a great solution in this case. Although golf simulators help you evaluate shot results and hit irons and woods indoors, the best indoor putting greens enable you to practice putting (and sometimes chipping) during rain or shine, daytime or nighttime.

And even though your carpet or wood flooring is a decent surface, the small indentations in the floor do not make for excellent putting surfaces. There are various indoor golf putting mats to choose among, namely indoor and outdoor greens, fun putting activities, and mats with positioning aids for a more accurate stroke. On many at-home putting greens, you could also pick your green speeds to mimic a more realistic play.


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Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Indoor Putting Green built to remain smooth over time ★★★★★ Buy From Amazon
Puttout Pro Golf Indoor Putting Mat Ideal for strengthen your stroke ★★★★ Buy From Amazon
Sklz Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green Come with a ball return feature ★★★★★ Buy From Amazon
VariSpeed Indoor Putting System Extraordinary and flexible indoor putting ★★★★★ Buy From Amazon
Big Moss Augusta Indoor Putting Mat ideal for round practice ★★★★ Buy From Amazon
Perfect Practice Indoor Putting Mat The Perfect Practice Mat ★★★★ Buy From Amazon
Abco Tech Indoor Putting Mat Best mini-golf course ★★★★★ Buy From Amazon
Big Moss Country Club V2 Indoor Putting Mat ideal for develop a proper stroke ★★★★ Buy From Amazon
Tour Links 4′ x 12′ Putting Green Best design, efficiency, and portability. ★★★★★ Buy From Amazon
Birdie Ball Standard Indoor Putting Mat ideal for creating a unique indoor space. ★★★★★ Buy From Amazon


  1. Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Indoor Putting Green 


Any golfer’s sporting goods range will profit from the inclusion of the Grassroots Putting Green. The putting surface on this at-home putting green is of excellent caliber and built to remain smooth over time.


The Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three is a unique 9′ x 3′ kidney-shaped golf putting matt that features three practice cup cutouts, as well as sand trap areas for trapping off-line putts. Right-handed golfers who prefer to drive putts will benefit from the kidney bean formation, which forces them to balance themselves properly when driving across or away from their body.

On the other hand, the three-hole pattern helps golfers see the green from various angles without exerting extra effort.


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The Sand trap designed holes at the backend of the putting mat are elevated, allowing you to practice breaking putts when seen at a slight angle. However, once the ball bounces up a hill and hits the elevated foam base, it may be kicked off-balance, stopping balls from rolling too far further. The putting cups used are not as large as regulation cups to improve your technique and make your practice time more valuable. A partial incline is also included, which can remain put on more rigid surfaces thanks to its anti-skid backing.


The top of the indoor putting mat is made of a luxury fiber that won’t crease when folded. The foot, on the other hand, is made of a non-slip PET resin. Putting matt’s sticky bottom prevents it from slipping around on smooth or slick surfaces.


The non-slip base assures that you stay safe when stood on the mat. Furthermore, the putting matt appears to roll at around 10.5 on the Stimpmeter, which is a little quicker than a typical public golf course. The standard of indoor putting green turf is reasonable for the price, and it rolls smoothly.


The best quality of the Putt-A-indoor Bout’s putting surface, though, is that it could be quickly wrapped and unwrapped in a matter of minutes. When you’re about to start putting things together, the cloth is sturdy enough to prevent creasing or folding, as it’s designed to last. Although the material around the entire side is heavier, it also folds up quickly for optimum portability.


Putt-A-Bout is an entirely compact indoor putting green that you can carry with you everywhere you go. Set it up in your office and play a relaxing round throughout your lunch hour. It could even be set up in your back yard or lounge room.


The Putt-A-Bout putting green, on the contrary, lacks a ball return feature and has a higher uphill slope towards the end where the holes are located, altering the putt’s ultimate task.


Everything considered the Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three is a great indoor putting green for your office or home. It is built to remain smooth over time and is made of high-quality materials and technology. It is straightforward to fold up and unroll, making it very compact.

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  1. Puttout Pro Golf Indoor Putting Mat 

The PuttOut Pro Golf Putting Mat is one of the best indoor putting mats for golfers who want to better their putting without going to the golf course. Just over 8 feet long, the PuttOut mat is lightweight, portable, and filled with excellent features that will help you better your putting results.


To begin with, the PuttOut Pro Indoor Golf Putting Mat provides excellent alignment guides for your foot, club, and putter face. On the putting mat, the basic orientation aids are outstanding. A diagonal line runs parallel to the line on the rear of your putter, forming the square-up line.


The edge of the putting mat, on the other hand, serves as a perfect reference for your feet, and if you wished to go all out during your indoor putting practice, you might use a mirror to double-check your shoulder and eye balance. These gate and distance indicators are also compliant with the putting mat’s five practice drills, including a 25-putt drill, a lengthy drill, a speed drill, an orientation drill, and a “Perfect Putt” drill that involves a different apparatus.


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Furthermore, the high cut putting green surface, which weighs ten on the stimp meter, is engineered to reliably mimic a medium-to-fast pacing green away from the golf course and can take on any speeds during the season.


Additionally, The PuttOut Pro golf putting surface is constructed using a robust material with the world’s best rubber backing. That means the putting mat does not slip and remains in place when you practice putting. The PuttOut putting golf mat often comes in a secure, sturdy cardboard cylinder, which keeps the mat firmly pressed and crease-free. This indoor putting mat, which comes with a drawstring carry bag, is ideal for practicing putting whenever and wherever and anywhere.


This indoor putting mat has an additional TPR rubber backing that rolls flat right out of the box, offering you a constant smooth and stable roll so that you can concentrate on making your stroke the finest it can be. The thick backing and cardboard cylinder make it convenient to roll up and stack the mat, making it suitable for use at the workplace, in a shed, or a small apartment.


Finally, this indoor putting mat works with every flat putting cup; however, pair it with the innovative PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer for the complete putting practice setup for the best performance.


All in all, the PuttOut Pro mat is the best indoor putting green for you if you want to strengthen your stroke on medium stimp greens! The ball stays true on the turf, and the reach and gate markers provide valuable visual clues on your shot’s arc and direction. It gives a perfect putting surface without taking up a significant amount of space in your home or office.

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  1. Sklz Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green


The SKLZ Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green is next on our list of the best indoor putting mats. The SKLZ Accelerator putting green is a great indoor golf simulator installed in virtually any home. This indoor practice mat is just under 18″ wide and nine feet long, making it perfect for almost every house, studio, or garage.


Accelerator Pro has positioning guides at three main putting distances to help you be consistent in all aspects of the putting stroke: face square, backswing, and follow-through. The positioning guides allow you to concentrate on your stroke’s accuracy from strike to strike without taking your gaze away from the hitting field. Per putt would be more accurate and regulated as a result.


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The SKLZ Accelerator is widely regarded as one of the best indoor putting greens with ball return. You will practice without delay, thanks to the continuous ball return feature. Since you don’t have to re-set your putter, you can concentrate on keeping a smooth stroke and pace on each putt, making your preparation more reliable and successful. The SKLZ Accelerator putting mat is also very compact, allowing you to use it just about anywhere.


The Accelerator Pro mat utilizes synthetic turf material. The mat’s design has become one of the finest we’ve seen in entry-level putting mats, with more than enough thickness to have a proper roll no matter what surface it’s situated on. The high-quality turf helps you practice main putt lengths on a genuine roll surface with a stimp reading equivalent to natural greens.


Every part of the putting motion – squaring the forehead, backswing, and follow-through – is aided by precise positioning guides at 3, 5, and 7 feet for better precision and distance control on every putt. Furthermore, the mat’s premium cotton prevents it from wrinkling. A non-crease mat is essential because bumps in the mat will cause the ball to slow down and disrupt the practice.


Ultimately, the Accelerator Pro has a slight upslope at the cup, which teaches golfers to put 18 inches away from the hole to avoid shallow putts. The true roll surface is often designed to have a stimp reading similar to natural putting greens.


To sum it up, the SKLZ Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green is one of the best indoor putting greens with a ball return feature on the market. Furthermore, with three varying distances from the cup, this indoor putting mat will allow you to assess your reach with a practical stimp reading, helping you fine-tune your distance and coordination from three, five, and seven feet.

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  1. VariSpeed Indoor Putting System

The VariSpeed Putting System is undoubtedly the best indoor putting green because it practically provides you with everything you need to improve your putting stroke and lower your golf scores. The VariSpeed indoor putting green has a significant effect, especially for those on a tight budget.


The VariSpeed mat, for starters, has “visible ball traces.” Essentially, when you make a putt, the ball leaves an impression on the mat, helping you observe each putt’s course and improve your technique. The mat brush is used to remove the ball traces easily. This helps determine whether you’re under (or over) reading break when paired with the included wedge, which allows you to introduce slope to your putting mat.


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However, the opportunity to adjust the green’s pace is one of the greatest attributes of the VariSpeed indoor putting green. After all, each of the greens you play on will be subtly different. And your at-home course’s green will change based on the weather. VariSpeed’s special fibers allow you to change the green’s speed within seconds. It comes with a roller that you can use to brush the fibers to make them stand taller or slope more toward the surface, with four speeds to choose between. The fibers they utilized to produce this putting green are fantastic.

Additionally, they can be adjusted to function slowly or rapidly, and they have a marking that appears as the ball bounces over them. You can see the exact direction of any putt you make with them!


The split wedges are next. The break wedge on this Putting Mat has a customized slope that you can slip underneath the mat to increase the golf ball’s speed and control. This wedge can be used to build custom altitudes, providing you with a fantastic chance to mimic realistic circumstances. You can also position them anywhere you like on the 10 foot long, 20 inches broad practice mat. It’s like having many putting mats in one with the option to change the pace of the putt and make personalized breaks.


Last but not least, the VariSpeed indoor putting mat is convenient to pack. Simply roll up the mat and restore it to its original packaging. It folds up small enough to fit in your wardrobe and rolls out flat each time. The VariSpeed mat is ten feet long and twenty inches high, and it rolls up and out in seconds. Since you can take it and use it almost everywhere, we believe it is one of the most convenient, if not the best, practice greens around.


In conclusion, the VariSpeed Putting System is the best indoor putting green for you if you’d like to get the most extraordinary and flexible home putting experience possible.

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  1. Big Moss Augusta Indoor Putting Mat

Since its inception in 1996, Big Moss has become a market leader in the indoor and outdoor putting green industry. Their goods are recognized for their functionality and portability and their highest quality and design in the industry.


The Big Moss Augusta indoor putting mat has a removable densely packed foam base that measures 4’W x 12’L and is 4’W x 12’L. The player can play flat putts thanks to the bottom. It comes with a foam-based backstop that can be withdrawn and added to the cup end with a standard tee. The backstop will protect your ball from falling off the green, which will make it easier to rebound.


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The key issue with inexpensive putting mats is that they crease easily, especially if you fold them up and store them frequently. The Big Moss Augusta putting green, on the other hand, has a crease-free turf surface that is achieved by the use of a rubber-backed surface. This means that the Big Moss Augusta putting green stays smooth, also on carpeting, which avoids bubbling or bunching. This Big Mows putting green also has a “Brake Snake,” which can be used to add more grooves to the mat for a more realistic terrain experience.


Finally, Big Moss putting greens are manufactured in the United States to roll like bent-grass due to Big Moss’s True-Roll technology. You’ll be surprised at how real your putts roll, and these Big Moss putting greens have a stimpmeter rating of 11 to complement what you’ll see on the course. The Big Moss Augusta indoor putting mat has a True-Roll down grain built right in and rolls like freshly-cut bentgrass putting green.


In conclusion, the Big Moss Augusta is adaptable and suitable for year-round practice and instruction. It includes a chipping pad so you can work on your short game in general. Big Moss putting and chipping greens are a perfect choice for the daily recreational golfer because of their affordability, longevity, and results.

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  1. Perfect Practice Indoor Putting Mat

The Perfect Practice Indoor Putting Mat offers a whole at-home experience for golfers who want to improve their distance control and precision. The Perfect Practice Putting Mat is being used by world-famous golfers such as Dustin Johnson, Jimmy Walker, and Lydia Ko and is entrusted by over 100 PGA Tour pros.


The Crystal Velvet putting surface is the Perfect Practice Putting Mat’s standout feature. The upper layer material on the putting mat is designed to mimic the feel of a real putting green. The designers sought to create an accurate replication of the putting experience, and after a few strikes with this model, you’ll understand why so many golfers love it.


For a high roll, the Perfect Practice Putting Green’s unique Crystal Velvet surface uses True Roll technology. Based on what’s underneath the mat, the golf balls roll at a pace of 10-14 on the Stimpmeter. Hard floors are closer to a 14 than thick carpets, which are closer to a 10. Additionally, the fabric is also very dense and non-slip, making it suitable for various surfaces.


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Unlike some other luxury putting greens, this indoor putting mat has a solidly designed auto-return mechanism that keeps the balls coming with each successful putt. The putting mat’s holes are raised so that as they fall into the cup, the ball will roll back to your spot on the ball return track on the outer side.


Golfers can see the direction of their putts after impact due to the alignment helps Train-Track, which passes down the center of both holes. The Train-Track allows golfers who use a straight-back, straight-through putting stroke to fine-tune their stroke while ensuring that the putter returns to square at impact.


You should also use the mat’s edge to double-check the foot. You also can review the foot alignment using the mat’s edge. Aside from that, the putting mat has distance markers that run the mat’s length, giving you good direction on how you’re doing from each distance.


Furthermore, the Perfect Practice indoor putting mat is easy to install and roll in/out between usage, and it only takes a few seconds to get the putting mat flattened and rolling true. It doesn’t roll up into a tight cylinder like the more compact mats, but it can be quickly disassembled and rolled into a corner.

Finally, the Perfect Putting mats are lightweight and easy to transport. They are readily portable from one place to another, whether inside or out. The Perfect Putting Mat’s makers, though, advise against keeping the mat outdoors because the heat will deteriorate the velvet stuff.


To sum up, The Perfect Practice Mat is regarded as one of the best indoor putting greens with ball return features, boasting an accurate reproduction of an actual putting surface, providing golfers with a solid base for honing their putting stroke experiencing the authentic feel of a green.

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  1.  Abco Tech Indoor Putting Mat

For golfers hunting for a 10-foot indoor putting green with a ball return feature, the Abco Tech Golf Putting Green Mat is the wisest option. The Abco Tech Golf artificial turf mat features an orientation strip and two separate-sized holes, each with its own smaller than average cup size.


Many golf putting mats are around 3 feet wide, but this model comes in 1.6 and 2.5-foot widths, making it suitable for any small corridor. Since it is smaller than most other models featured, it is best suited to small spaces for fast and simple storage.


Abco Tech artificial putting green mats are constructed using polypropylene with a skid-resistant rubber foam foundation. The oversized foam insert at the putting green’s end can be removed and stored more easily. Furthermore, this indoor putting practices mat is manufactured with the most acceptable PP synthetic grass turf that replicates natural grass and a raised golf hole field, providing you with the feeling of playing on a real life-like golf course and ensuring instinctive shots while on the golf course.


If you’re going to keep this out for a long time, there’s even a spot to position the putter handle side in. The sleek green rolls out like a carpet so that it won’t wrinkle and won’t lose its form. These characteristics provide a realistic roll, grain, and pace.


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Moreover, the ball bounces back on Abco’s golf putting mat, so you will not have to waste any time getting the ball back over and over again, allowing you to concentrate all of your attention on playing! However, since there are no distance points, you’ll have to go back and map out distances to comprehend the putting stroke.


The Abco Tech indoor putting green mat is lightweight and portable, enabling you to practice golf in the safety of your own house, office, backyard, or anywhere else. You won’t have to think about putting the putting green together; simply open the indoor putting mat, and you’ve got yourself an entirely usable golfing course. Plus, because of its small size and lightweight, you can comfortably move it anywhere you want! Finally, Abco claims that their Abco Tech putting mat is the best indoor putting green mat kit. It includes three bonus practice balls, eliminating the need to purchase additional products, gadgets, or supplies.


To summarize, the Abco Tech indoor putting mat is ideal for golfers looking for a convenient and effective solution. The synthetic golf green putting pad, which looks like a mini-golf course, will have hours of entertainment for you and your guests.

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  1.  Big Moss Country Club V2 Indoor Putting Mat

Big Moss produces some of the most accessible indoor putting greens on the market. The Big Moss Country Club V2 strikes one of the most potent blends of longevity and efficiency, in our view. With three regulation cups and one reduced-size cup, it has a wide contact area. Big Moss’ Country Club V2 is suitable for putting and chipping in basements, man caves, office spaces, or some other indoor area (a chipping mat is included).


The Country Club by Big Moss features their True Roll technology is used in this indoor putting green, guaranteeing one of the absolute best and most practical rolls possible. It’s still big enough for chipping and pitching practice, meaning you can take the practice to the golf course in the most efficient way possible.


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This green is ideal for big spaces because it has three regulation cups on the sides and a 3″ decreased hole in the center for practicing precision and aiming a smaller hole. Brake pads are also used in the Big Moss Country Club V2 putting green. The break snake is a foam chunk or fragment that could be used underneath the green to generate various contours and terrains. A foam-based backstop that can be fixed to the cup side’s base is included with the Country Club V2 indoor putting mat. The backstop is Velcro-attached and can be connected and disconnected at any time by the golfer.


Last but not least, Big Moss is made of rigid materials and can outlast the current putting green. Its rubber-backed surface often maintains a crease-free putting surface, including when used on an irregular surface. The rubber-backed green is supported by a robust foam-based platform with a mild inclination. To bring more variety to the putting game, the green surface may be stripped from the base and layered over some other surface, such as asphalt, turf, backyard, or carpet. They are fully compact and can be set up in a matter of minutes without the use of any tools.


To summaries, the Big Moss Country Club V2 indoor putting green allows golfers to develop a proper stroke that can be transferred to any golf course.

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  1.  Tour Links 4′ x 12′ Putting Green

The Tour Links 4′ x 12′ putting green is a wonderful choice that looks amazing and works well. Tour Links has always been one of the most famous golf brands among PGA tour golfers and tour personnel. If a PGA tour golfer is doing his putting indoors, they are almost certainly using a Tour Links putting green.


Tour Links indoor putting greens are distinguished from the competition by two characteristics: Roll and feel. When you putt on a Tour Links putting mat, the shot will bounce just as it would on a PGA Tour green. And standing on the surface will make you feel as if you’re standing on a natural green. This Tour Links putting green is as close to being on the golf course as you can come without really physically being there. The putting green’s base is built of Tour Links’ interconnected structure, which offers a strong feel under the player’s foot. The sturdy “platform” concept has the added advantage of allowing you to stand on the putting surface without fear of creating a drop or bow.

10 Best Indoor Putting 2021 – Our Top Picks

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There are also four regulation cups and pins included with the indoor putting green. The interconnected teeth guarantee that the panels are correctly aligned, and the proprietary floating cups provide perfect playability. The cups are built to adjust to accommodate the surfaces and carpet extension and contraction, allowing for ideal cup alignment under all climatic conditions, making them the best indoor putting cups.


The white sticker you apply to the lip behind the cup is also one of the most basic yet valuable accessories. This helps you and check and see if your eyes are positioned correctly over the goal line. You have balanced adequately over the line if the pin flag covers the white sticker.


The Training Assist is green with attachments that are built to help you develop as a putter. Two foam pads are used, which can be put underneath the turf to create contours and add breaks. To demonstrate the straight putting line, an elastic cord is stretched from one end to the other. If you’re practicing placing with the breaks in, you should change this line to different positions.

A plastic ruler serves as a means to draw a line on your ball that tells you how hard you’re swinging to keep you on target. On this green, the stimp speed will be 11.5-12. Infills, on the other hand, will help speed up the process.


Finally, installation is a breeze thanks to Tour Links’ proprietary modular architecture. Everything you have to do now is to slip the panels together and secure them with the fasteners.


In conclusion, the Tour Links 4′ x 12′ putting green is one of our top picks for the best indoor putting greens due to its combination of design, efficiency, and portability.

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10. Birdie Ball Standard Indoor Putting Mat

The Birdie Ball putting green allows golfers to improve their game in a way that directly contributes to on-course results, all from the convenience of their own home or workplace. Many putting greens can’t compete with the Birdie Ball green’s pace, split, or true-putting feel.

The turf on the 4-foot tall, 10-foot-long indoor putting practice mat is around a half-inch thick for a smooth roll. There are two holes at one end of the green, each with its own set of cups and flags for retrieval.


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The only putting mat on the market with grain to mimic putting with and against the grain on a natural green is the Birdie Ball putting mat. The producers at Birdie Ball claim that their competitors’ putting greens fall short of making a real feeling and looking, true-rolling green. A natural putting green surface, according to Birdie Ball, is made up of nubs of grass that cause the ball to be balanced on the very top of the hyper-short edge. As a result, Birdie Ball indoor putting greens are designed in the same way.


Additionally, this cutting-edge foam putting surface has two stimp speeds, allowing you to practice putting both against and against the grain on the very same surface. It’s designed to be stimp-controlled, which means you can choose your stamp tempo, enabling users to control how fast or slow your putting green is. Assisting you in selecting the appropriate pace for the course you are playing.


Furthermore, the Birdie Ball Standard indoor putting mats are 1/2″ wide, allowing the ball to slip into the cup when you sink a putt. To get enough depth to fall into a hole on most rollaway greens, you must put it uphill on a carpet-like surface. And while we’re on the subject of rollaway greens, the Birdie Ball Putting Green device folds up and stores quickly, enabling you to pull it out for hours of fun.


If the advantages of using Birdie Ball Putting Greens weren’t compelling enough, remember that you can position items under the putting green and create various contours and splits. You should practice a wide range of putts. Practice chipping and putting on the green before finishing with a putt into the cup. Make a name for yourself as a master of the short game!


Finally, this Birdie putting green comes in three different finishes, so you can pick from soft, medium, or hard putting surfaces to mimic the situations you usually play in.


All in all, the Birdie Ball putting green is an excellent choice for golfers who want to create a unique indoor space. Birdie Ball putting greens are incredibly flexible and can be used nearly everywhere, whether at home or the workplace.

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