The 10 Best Center Shafted Putters 2021-2022

The 10 Best Center Shafted Putters 2021-2022

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The Callaway Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Center Shafted PutterThe putter's head, shaft, and grip were designed to work together.★★★★★Buy From Amazon
The Cleveland Huntington Beach Center Shafted Soft Putter #11 shaft mallet putter that is cheap, has a soft feel★★★★Buy From Amazon
The Bell No Offset Blade Putter it delivers improved feel, responsive feedback★★★★★Buy From Amazon
The Bettinardi INOVAI 6.0 CTR Center Shafted Putterit was designed and engineered to provide a high-performing MOI mallet.★★★★Buy From Amazon
The TaylorMade Truss TB2 Center Shafted putter who want a mallet's stability and forgiveness while maintaining a more traditional look at the address★★★★Buy From Amazon
The Pinemeadow Golf Site 2 Mallet PutterThis mallet putter is a high-quality, high-performing putter at a bargain price.★★★★Buy From Amazon
The Ping Heppler Piper C Center Shafted PutterThe Heppler offers all of the quality and reliability★★★★★Buy From Amazon
The Evnroll ER7 Center Shaft Full Mallet Putter ER7 mallet-shaped putter are what distinguishes it as the best center shafted putter.★★★★Buy From Amazon
The Ray Cook Silver Ray SR400 Putter this putter is an ideal choice for beginners or high handicappers★★★★Buy From Amazon
The Odyssey EXO Stroke Lab 7 Center Shafted PutterThis putter for players looking for a mallet putter with optimum forgiveness★★★★★Buy From Amazon

While center shafted putters may appear to be a niche product compared to conventional offset putters, they can significantly improve your game. A center shafted putter could be right for you if you’re having trouble aligning the ball or hitting the ball in the center of the clubface. Center-shafted putters are an excellent substitute to heel-shafted putters, and the best center-shafted putter will help any golfer improve their performance on the greens. The very last significant advantage of center shafted putters is that they are available in various price ranges. There will be a center shafted putter in your price category, from big name brands like Odyssey to budget-friendly brands like Ray Cook.

 All of the other characteristics featured on a conventional bent shaft putter are included in the best center shafted putters. 

 But why a putter with a center shaft, you would wonder? First, many center-shafted putters are face-balanced, with the weight equally spread between the toe and heel. The weight distribution prevents the head from twisting at contact by allowing it to move straight back and through instead of in an arc. A face-balanced putter is worth considering if you have trouble with directional consistency. People prefer center shafted putters because they are simple to align and ensure that the putter face is square at the address. The center-shafted design may also help golfers who focus their attention directly above the ball at the address. 

 The fact that there aren’t as many centers shafted putters on the market makes them more accessible. While their fame is waning, we believe many amateurs will benefit from a putter that appears to be relatively easy to set up and use.


The 10 Best Center Shafted Putters

  1.  Callaway Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter Review


Odyssey emphasized the shaft rather than only the head weight for perhaps the first time since the beginning of golf putters. Among all the center-shafted putters on this list, the Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Center Shafted Putter is the best alternative. The Odyssey Versa Center Shafted putter has a tip-heavy graphite and steel shaft along with a CNC milled face that improves accuracy on long-distance putts and provides a much smoother forward roll on moderate-length putts. The center shafted blade putter also has a revamped weight distribution system that puts strokes more stabilized.

best golf putter

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Callaway’s Stroke Lab Odyssey Versa Putter is a 33-inch long, finished with a black, center shafted blade putter with a 3-degree loft designed for left-handed golfers. This putter has an elegant black finish on the clubhead that contrasts nicely with the steel and black shaft. Odyssey’s putter inserts are well-known, and the stroke lab series wins hands down.


To further increase the physical aspects of the stroke, Odyssey Stroke Lab Center Shafted Putters use a unique novel process of weight distribution, prompted by the new and innovative Stroke Lab shaft. The Odyssey Stroke Lab putter has a 40-gram-saving tip-heavy graphite and steel shaft. The weight saved is then reallocated by inserting 10g to the head via two sole weights and 30g to the grip ends using a lighter grip and a 40g end-weight. Stroke Lab’s creative weight distribution has a significant impact on stroke. The added weight in the sole and tip-end of the grip changes the putter’s mechanics, allowing golfers to replicate a smoother and more precise stroke more frequently, making it one of the better centers shafted blade putters for golfers. 


Additionally, this center blade shafted putter has a more robust head and uses stiffer and lower torque than standard center shafted putters, granting it an advantage over traditional center shafted putters. This gives the player more control over the club and makes it easier to swing. It can be challenging to swing in a certain way when your club moves more than you expected. As a result, your stroke isn’t neat or smooth. The Micro Hinge Face, which is also used on Odyssey White Hot putters, is another feature of the Odyssey Versa Center Shafted Putter. This face style produces a more coherent role by increasing topspin and making the ball “pop” off the face. The ball is easier to address and align thanks to the high contrasting color scheme. 


Everything considered, the Stroke Lab V-Line CS putter is a high MOI, center shafted mallet that provides extraordinary forgiveness and stability across the stroke. The putter’s head, shaft, and grip were designed to work together to keep the total mass of the putter to a minimal level compared to current Odyssey putters.

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  1.  Cleveland Huntington Beach Putter Review


Cleveland’s Huntington Beach putters are renowned for their standard and practical designs that encourage a smoother swing and more coherent roll, even on chip shots. The Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft Putter #11 Center Shaft is one of Cleveland’s most highly ranked centre shafted mallet putters. This centre shaft mallet putter is 35 inches long and is constructed using 304 soft stainless steel, providing an excellent feel for increased trust in the greens. Tensile strength tests performed by Cleveland Golf demonstrate that 304 stainless steel is 51 per cent softer than 17-4 stainless steel.


This non-traditional centre shaft mallet putter is available in three lengths: 33, 34, and 35 inches. The putter head resembles a mallet, but it is more contemporary in appearance. The putter is available in silver and has a loft of 3 degrees, making it great for right-handed golfers. 


The Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft Putter #11 Center Shaft has a speed-optimized sweet spot on the face, which helps you obtain clear distance and a smoother roll on mishit or uncentered shots. This is accomplished by enhancing stroke stability and assisting golfers in perfecting their straightforward and straight back and putting strokes. Cleveland created a unique Diamond Texture on the putter’s face to improve overall topspin and provide a more coherent role. While the texture runs the clubface’s length, the more significant pressure is found in the center. This one-of-a-kind diamond CNC milling pattern with deep grooves gives a soft feel and a smooth on-line roll. It is advantageous to roll the ball directly into the hole. 

best golf putter

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The center of gravity on the Huntington Beach center shaft putter is not adjustable, but there is an optimized CG on each side of the putter, which is a tweak to this generation of the Huntington Beach line putters. Stability and balance are improved via longer shots as a result of this. A standard mid-sized grip is included with each putter. Last but not least, its six Tour-proven shapes complement all golfers’ strokes and styles. 


 To summarise, the Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 11 Center Mallet Shafted putter is a sophisticated center shaft mallet putter that is cheap, has a soft feel, and is perfect for golfers striving to enhance their putts’ spend and distance control.

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  1.     The Bell No Offset Blade Putter Review


Bell makes the No Offset Blade putter simple by combining premium materials and manufacture. The Bell No Offset Blade Putter is a high-end putter which provides top-quality strength. You do not need to worry about twisting Bell and sending off the postponement line, as when we test it for accuracy, it ranked very highly. The new center weighs 34 inches, has a mid-size grip, and is one of the best center blade putters used by low-handicapped golfers to play on a range of courses and green circumstances.


To begin with, the Bell No Offset Blade Putter is constructed of a single CNC milled 303 stainless steel billet and alloy steel. The CNC milling on this blade putter enables very little of the putter face to make significant contact with the golf ball, resulting in a decreased sound and a “softer” feel.  Furthermore, kudos to the heel and toe weighting on this blade-style putter; the balance is perfect. The putter’s face balance feature distributes the weight evenly between the heel and toe, resulting in stable strokes at impact. However, golfers who prefer to putt with only an arc that moves inside and wraps up square should not consider using a putter with a balanced face. 

best golf putter

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Another feature of the Bell Putter worth mentioning is the price. Despite its astronomically high achievement, the price won’t break the bank. While the price isn’t meager, we think that this is a high-performing model that consistently delivers precise putts for golfers on a budget. The Bell No Offset Centre Shafted Blade Putter, on the other hand, looks to be a little dull in construction. Even if the head is refined, it does not MAKE IT automatically stand out.


In conclusion, the Bell No Offset Blade Putter is regarded as one of the best centers shafted blade putters because it delivers improved feel, responsive feedback, and much straighter mis-hits, all of which can golfers improve their game!

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  1.     Bettinardi INOVAI 6.0 CTR Review


The Bettinardi INOVAI 6.0 CTR is the best centre-shafted mallet putter for golfers searching for a high-quality model. The INOVAI 6.0 CTR is a conventionally designed centre-shafted putter that provides exceptional results for advanced and highly qualified golfers. The Bettinardi 6.0 CTR is the perfect golfers’ option with a straight back swinging motion and a cohesive putting game.

best golf putter

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The INOVAI 6.0 was designed to provide more feel advantages while maintaining high MOI values. The INOVAI 6.0 looks and swings better than ever before, thanks to the reversal of the 303 Stainless Steel back piece to the front contact area through the use of 6061 Military Grade Aluminum cutouts as key alignment guides. For right-handed golfers, the Bettinardi Golf Inovai 6.0 Center Shaft Putter is ideal. The 303 stainless steel face’s straight top line contrasts nicely with the anodized cobalt blue aluminum frame. This putter has a high moment of inertia due to its construction from two solid and resilient metals. To ensure good balance and stability, the weight is evenly distributed between the back and the head. 


Furthermore, this centre shafted putter’s mallet shape makes alignment extremely easy and provides a high MOI that practically eliminates mishits. The balanced winged mallet, which maintains the putter square via the impact zone, is one of the primary reasons for the putter’s high MOI. The putter’s smooth performance and remarkable precision make it ideal for straight-back, straight-through strokes. With the help of this putter, every shot would have a coherent speed and roll.


The FIT technology on the Bettinardi center shaft putter is the newest feature. The feature in question is the CNC milled face with the soft insert, which gives an excellent feel and touch. The INOVAI 6.0’s centered strikes are remarkably smooth and silent. The sound seems more of a low-intensity click with nothing more than a hint of feedback in the hands as you move away from the center, but still in the deep milled FIT Face (Feel Impact Technology) zone. One of Bettinardi’ s three face milling styles, FIT Face, eliminates 55 percent of the face material for the softest feel and is suggested for powerful putting strokes.


Although the putter is pricey, the performance justifies the cost. You won’t find a more suitable mallet putter than the INOVAI 6.0 for a higher-end mallet putter. 


In summary, the INOVAI 6.0 Center Shaft putter is unquestionably one of the finest center shaft mallet putters available, as it was designed and engineered to provide a high-performing MOI mallet for players who use a straight-back-straight-through putting stroke.

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  1.     The TaylorMade Truss TB2 Review


TaylorMade’s center-shafted Truss TB2 putter is a blade-style putter with a small face that incorporates the patented and famous Cobalt Blue Pure Roll Insert. For players looking for more stability in a traditional shape, the Truss TB2 was visually designed to present a classic look at the address. The TaylorMade Truss TB2 putter features an eye-catching hosel design intended to improve stability in traditional-looking putters that appear familiar at address. 

best golf putter

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TaylorMade’s Truss Center Shaft Putter is a 34-inch-long titanium black and blue putter designed for left-handed golfers with a 3-degree loft. The standard KBS Stepless Stability Shaft is included with the 120-gram Truss TB2 Center Shaft to provide far more stabilization and, therefore, less deflection at strike. 


First and foremost, the Truss hosel design decreases unconventional mass and deflection at contact by forming several contact points together with the topline. This one-of-a-kind hosel is designed to boost frequency and stability while maintaining the aesthetic of a conventional putter. As a consequence of this design, there is far less head twisting, mostly during putting stroke and at contact, which means your consistency should increase, especially on off-center strikes.


Secondly, TaylorMade has always done a fantastic job in terms of feel and design. The cobalt blue Pure Roll Face, Insert Technology on this club, is intended to improve the sound, feel, and roll. Despite the fact that the insert isn’t as extensive as some others, it delivers the sound, feel, and vibration muffling that we expect from a cushioned insert. In addition, 45° grooves are used to enhance topspin and keep the ball on the line it launched on.


Last but far least, the Truss TB2 putter has adjustable head weights, allowing you to fine-tune this golf club to achieve precision head weights and CG placement that are tailored to your stroke and style. Adjustability in golf clubs has revolutionized the game, and we’re thrilled that it’s now happening with putters. 


Taking everything into consideration, the TaylorMade Truss TB2 Center Shafted putter is intended for individuals who want a mallet’s stability and forgiveness while maintaining a more traditional look at the address. You probably can’t find a more stabilized putter than the TaylorMade Truss if you’re a golfer looking for stability.

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  1.     The Pinemeadow Golf Site 2 Mallet Putter Review


Perhaps you’re new to golf or are simply looking for a decent putter to round out your bag on a budget. Now, with the help of Pinemeadow Site 2 mallet Putter, any golfer can have a decent mallet-style putter at a reasonable price. But, don’t be put off by the price; the putter is worth a lot more than that! 


The Pinemeadow Golf Site 2 Mallet Putter is well-balanced, swings smoothly, and has an appealing black and white color scheme with a white alignment line on a black background that makes lining up putts extremely easy. The key highlight of this Site center shafted mallet putter is its high contrast black and white styling. As you stand over your forthcoming putt, this gives you unrivaled assurance, making it the best mallet putter for golfers. With the assistance of this mallet putter, you’ll be able to tell if you’ve hit a straight back, straight through stroke every time.

best golf putter

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Besides, Site 2 has a half mallet head with a center shaft. In the front-center of the putter head, the putter shaft joins the half mallet-built putter head. This improves stability and makes it easier to swing the club on line. When combined with the high contrast black and white coloring, this pairing would start lowering your scores the day you place it in your backpack. The Pinemeadow Site 2 Putter gives golfers a proper roll and excellent balance due to a mallet design. This is attributed to the smooth milled face, which allows the ball to roll off without causing friction.


The Site 2 mallet putter includes the famous Super Stroke 3.0 Oversize grip with a 1.3-inch diameter for players who prefer a larger grip. However, one disadvantage of the Pinemeadow Golf Site 2 Putter is that it is only available in one length, 34 inches, which makes it nearly impossible to match some players’ height or preferences. Finally, the Golf Site 2 comes with its own headcover, which we strongly advise you to use!


In conclusion, if you’re looking and see if any of these middle shafted putters will work for your game, the Pinemeadow Golf Site 2 Mallet Putter is one of the best alternatives. This mallet putter is a high-quality, high-performing putter at a bargain price.

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  1.     The Ping Heppler Piper C Review 


Ping’s Heppler Piper C putters have a machined, sturdy face that is ideal for golfers who prefer a firmer feel and sound at impact, as well as responsive feedback. This is accomplished by using a precision aluminum casting system that produces machined-like detail and consistency in various mid-and mallets, resulting in significant forgiveness and maximum CG for accuracy and consistency. PING specialists used strategic shaping and weight positioning to blend lightweight aluminum with steel to create high MOI designs.

best golf putter

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The most noticeable difference with Heppler Putters is a system hidden beneath the grip that helps to manage the length of the shaft from 32 to 36 inches in any length you wish. The adjustable center shaft, polished in eye-catching black chrome, is lightweight and neatly tucked beneath the grip, allowing you to customize between 32″ and 36 easily”. A tool for adjusting the grip is inserted into the top of the grip. One complete turn adjusts the grip by about 14 inches up or down, and the grip maintains alignment during the adjustment. The Piper C is the best center shafted putter for golfers who find 35-inch putters excessively long and 34-inch putters excessively short. Being able to adjust inches on your own without getting someone else to cut the shaft down and replace the grip saves time and money, allowing golfers to get the exact length.


The putter will sit better if the shaft is adjusted to the appropriate length, your eyes would be in a better spot over the ball, and the head’s weight distribution will work correctly during the stroke because the head will be flat. 


On top of that, the Piper C center colors shafted putter promise to provide visual cues to assist you in aligning squarely at your target more often. As you address a white ball, Heppler combines black and copper (with either white sightlines or a black alignment dot) to produce a unique look.


To sum it all up, the Heppler offers all of the quality and reliability you’d anticipate from a Ping putter. The Ping Heppler Piper C center shaft putter is a fantastic putter for golfers of all skill levels who want to update their putter to a center-shafted model.

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  1.     The Evnroll ER7 Review – Center Shaft Full Mallet Putter 


Almost every golfer has trouble hitting solid putts continuously. Putts that are mishit generally end up offline and short of the hole, causing golfers strokes. The technologies utilized in the Envroll ER7 make it one of the greatest forgiving putters available, enabling golfers to make more putts and reduce their scores. The Envroll ER7 should most definitely be in your backpack if you’re striving for even more forgiveness as well as a more coherent roll off the face.

best golf putter

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The Evnroll ER7 Center Shaft Full Mallet Putter, as the name suggests, is a full mallet with a back perimeter weight and a center shaft. This great putter was created by Evnroll using a single billet of 303 stainless steel. The face is milled from 303 stainless steel and is curved inward on the heel and toe to aid mishit putts remain online, similar to a timber face.


Evnroll’s ER7 Full Mallet Center Shaft putters feature proprietary face milling and Sweet Face Technology, resulting in the clear distance on both center and off-center hits. Sweet Face Technology uses ridges that are narrower in the middle of the face and widen toward the toe and heel. This exact face milling possesses more energy transfer on off-center putts with Sweet Face Technology, which increases distance control and prevents you from coming up empty on off-center putts. This milling pattern often returns the ball to the center, allowing you to hit the putter’s sweet spot with higher consistency.


Furthermore, unlike many other putters on the market, the ER7’s back of the head weight is allocated towards its perimeter rather than centered on the face’s center. Face distortion is reduced significantly by evenly dispersing weight in the head’s back, enabling putts to track online for higher stability and consistency. The ER7 putter’s head weight is 15 grams heavier to accommodate 30 grams of counterweighting. This is what makes the stroke ultra-smooth and accurate. 


Finally, to give it that premium quality look, touch, and sound, it is hand grounded, polished, and manufactured at the same factory to a ‘Tour Level’ finish. The Evnroll putter has a satin chrome surface and the finest grip for a center shafted putter, a non-taper 1.2 mid-size grip that helps relieve stiffness and provide even hand pressure.


All in all, the technological advances in this Envroll ER7 mallet-shaped putter are what distinguishes it as the best center shafted putter. The head design, which includes Sweet Face Technology, is quite unlike anything else on the market and has been proven to perform consistently on robust and mishit putts. The Envroll ER7 Center Shaft Full Mallet Putter may be the best option for players looking for greater forgiveness and consistency on the greens.

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  1.     Ray Cook Silver Ray SR400 Putter Review


When it comes to construction, weight, and other characteristics, the SR400 putter stands out, and that could be precisely what you’re desperately searching for. The putter’s head is critical because it is the part of the putter that carries the majority of its weight, makes contact with the ball, and propels it forward. If light putter heads aren’t giving you the right feel, try a heavier head like this one. This putter’s clubhead weighs 360 grams. The soft mid-size paddle-style grip increases convenience and feels. Simultaneously, the heavier head weight facilitates a robust and precise pendulum stroke, leading to an increase in perfect distance control.

best golf putter

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The Ray Cook Silver Ray SR400 putter is a fang high MOI putter with excellent graphics and the right balance. One of the most significant advantages of a fang putter is its unrivaled balance across the putter stroke. Ray Cook incorporated a grooved face to the roll to make it more coherent. Even on mishits, this face adds more topspin. The grip is oversized, plush, and highly comfortable. It’s well-made. However, you might not like where the grip’s weight is distributed. It moves a little closer to the center. If you’re okay with that, this putter will suit your needs. Moreover, Ray SR400 is also available in a stylish black finish balanced and intended for a straight putter stroke. 


Furthermore, this putter features a 3-degree loft and a 70-degree lying angle, making it steady and balanced. Whenever it comes to putters, you don’t need many lofts because you wouldn’t want the ball to fly. If you’re putting from a long distance, the 3-degrees of loft will help you rebound the ball. Your accuracy will increase if you lie at a 70-degree angle. This putter has a straight line that makes it easier to aim. Plus, two lengths, 34 and 35 inches are available in the Ray Cook Silver Ray SR400.


Finally, the new red/white/black colour scheme makes these putters stand out, and the Silver Ray Series provides an inexpensive range of products catering to a wide range of players. The Silver Ray Series putters are a classic that has been updated for today’s golfer.


To conclude, this putter is an ideal choice for beginners or high handicappers who may want to give center shafted putters a try. The clubhead on the Silver Ray is slightly weighted to help you have a better feel. The black design and great alignment lines will help you be incredibly accurate when using the Ray Cook SR400. And, lastly, it is a very low-priced center shafted golf putter. 


  1. The Odyssey EXO Stroke Lab 7 Review 


The Odyssey EXO Stroke Lab 7 Putter is a center shafted, face-balanced mallet design putter that is good for players who rotate the face very little during their stroke. Odyssey’s legendary White Hot face’s amazing feel, sound, and performance are combined with the brand’s successful Micro hinge technology, which produces immediate forward roll for more coherent precision and distance control.


The Odyssey EXO Stroke Lab 7 Center Shafted Putter features a premium multi-material build with an exceptionally high MOI. The lightweight 6061 milled aluminum exo-cage shaft configuration incorporates a graphite body with a steel tip to net out at just 75g, with much of the mass located in the tip, allowing the Stroke Lab shaft to be 40 grams lighter. Odyssey reallocated the weight saved by placing 10g to the head’s perimeter through two sole weights and 30g to the grip-end through a 10g lighter grip and a 40g end-weight. Simply put, Odyssey eliminated weight from the middle part of the shaft and readjusted it in the head and grip, resulting in a considerably higher MOI for more coherent ball speeds and directional control in the EXO 7 Center Shafted Putter. 

best golf putter

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Moreover, Odyssey remains the leading manufacturer in the mallet sector. EXO offers face-balanced and toe hang options on each model, allowing for more face rotation in the stroke. Odyssey has mallets with a high MOI to help you get more putts, no matter your stroke.


Furthermore, the White-Hot insert found in Stroke Lab putters is a classic for a reason. It successfully blends soft and solid in a manner that no other insert can match. The impact is a dull “thud” that is extremely silent. However, unlike many soft inserts, the hands’ feel is strong and linked, not mushy. Finally, compared to the conventional putter shaft, the shaft of the center shafted EXO 7 Putter is noticeably stiffer has much less torque to give better control over the slightly larger head.


In a nutshell, the Odyssey EXO Stroke Lab 7 Putter with Center Shaft is a complete game changer! The EXO is the best center shafted putter for players looking for a mallet putter with optimum forgiveness and a soft face for a clear feel and control. EXO CS7 makes for higher forgiveness and greater consistency by using various materials strategically positioned in the head, enabling players to make putts with precision.

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The weight is spread uniformly between the heel and toe on most center-shafted putters, which are face-balanced. Because the weight of a face-balanced putter is uniformly distributed across the entire putter head, it is more stable throughout the stroke. Golfers with a straight back and through stroke would benefit significantly from this, while those with an arcing stroke will not. 


Before choosing which kind of putter to play, make sure you know what type of putting stroke you have naturally. Having a professional examine your technique will assist you in selecting the best putter for your game.



When a golfer addresses the golf ball, the putter’s shaft’s leading edge is in front of the face. The golfer’s hands should remain ahead of the golf ball during the putting stroke because it is now further back in the position. Some golfers use a gooseneck putting shaft because they prefer more offset with their putter. The curved shaft causes the face to be behind the shaft’s path to the golf ball, making for more consistent putting with a straight-back, straightforward stroke. 


Every putter has an offset to assist the golfer in maintaining a clear line of sight to the golf ball. Because of the visual perception problems caused by the putter face, golfers may misread a putt. Offset’s goal is to eliminate perception flaws by giving golfers a clear view of the golf ball so that they can envision the putting line.



There are two primary reasons to use a putter with a center shaft. If you prefer a straightforward/back putting stroke to an arced putting stroke, this is the first and most important justification. A straight-back, straightforward stroke with the head swinging like a pendulum is better for a center-shaft putter. A center-shafted putter will also provide a pleasant experience for golfers who prefer to be directly over the golf ball at the address.


The second reason is that they are “face balanced,” which means that the putter’s weight is distributed evenly between the heel and toe. Mishits generated by drifting will no longer happen with a face-balanced putter because it will not twist at impact. The ball would travel in the same direction as you are aiming. On the other hand, heel-shafted putters are prone to twisting, and as a result, your mishits will almost always be in the same direction.



Another important golfers’ decision is whether to use a milled face or a face insert-driven hitting area. A milled face indicates that the company milled the face using a machine, resulting in a textured surface that provides softness and distance control. A milled face has a crisscrossed appearance, which increases friction on the golf ball and improves the roll. On the other hand, a face insert is traditionally made of a composite material that is applied to the face as a strip directly onto the center of the putter’s hitting area. Face inserts provide increased softness and feel, as well as superb distance control.


A center shafted putter would facilitate any golfer whose putting stroke may be more of a straight line than an arc. Furthermore, if you are having difficulties with your putting stroke and can’t find a way of improving or want to have a hosel with straightforward and minimalistic visuals, switching to a center shafted putter may be all you need. With its more oversized, rounded head, a center-shafted putter is suitable for novice and high handicappers who struggle with distance control on a longer lag putter. This type of mallet putter is heavier and provides a more coherent distance, allowing you to reduce par putts’ distance. Center shaft putters appear to be the most basic of putters. The shaft is connected to the center of the putter face so that the hosel is devoid of all chaos and complication. There are no gimmicks here; what you see is what you get. 


All in all, any golfer looking for a forward-facing center of mass and strong effect should consider buying a center-shafted putter. 



Now that you’ve decided to opt for a center shafted putter and have a long list of choices, how do you decide which one would be the right one for you?


Choosing the right putter is essentially a matter of preference, but there are some performance-related considerations to take into account as well.



When picking a putter, one of the most common mistakes is choosing the wrong shaft length. The length of most center shafted putters ranges between 33 and 35 inches. Although the length of a putter shaft may not appear to make a significant difference to most golfers, it can become an essential issue if it causes an out-of-sync stroke on the course. A short putter length may cause a slouched-over posture in tall golfers, making it difficult to return the flat stick to the golf ball smoothly.


It may take a little more time to find a suitable shaft length, but it’s crucial to find one convenient and promote a smooth stroke for consistent results on the putting green. Furthermore, even though putter lengths range from 33 to 53 inches, it does not necessarily imply they are the only lengths available. Many golfers use a custom-fitted putter.


In the end, length is an individual preference influenced by your height, stance, arm length, and perspective. Even just an inch can make a world of difference, so go to your local sports shop and try a few varying lengths to see which one best suits you.




Putters will range in price dramatically depending on the club’s quality, the advancements it contains, and how well it holds up on the green. There are choices available for under fifty dollars as well as options that cost several hundred dollars. If you do not care about big brand names or high-performance materials, you will probably find a putter for under a hundred dollars. The majority of PGA Tour professionals use Scotty Cameron putters. These high-end putters are typically priced between $300 and $500, but they provide exceptional results.


Price, on the other hand, does not necessarily correspond to achievement. There are a plethora of low-cost putters that have performed admirably on tour. Odyssey had a putter named the two-ball valued in the mid-range category of the market for quite some time, and all levels of handicap golfers swooned over it

Because putters and drivers are such unique clubs frequently, golfers usually tend to pay a little more for them. We also recommend spending a little more money on a putter to get the extra functionalities that you so desire.

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