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The TaylorMade Spider X Putterexcellent stabilization and alignment★★★★★Buy From Amazon
The Titleist Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Putterthe most forgiving options that are available★★★★Buy From Amazon
The Odyssey Toulon Putter Seriescutting-edge engineering and innovation★★★★Buy From Amazon
The PING Series Puttersdecrease glare at the address★★★★Buy From Amazon
The Cleveland Frontline Elevado Putterfor players who have a slightly arched or straight putting stroke★★★★★Buy From Amazon
The Evnroll ER11V Putterbetter forgiveness★★★★★Buy From Amazon
The TaylorMade Spider S Putterstability and forgiveness★★★★Buy From Amazon
The Odyssey White Hot OG Line provides a contemporary, counterbalanced feel★★★★★Buy From Amazon
The Bettinardi Queen B #11 Putterfor optimum forgiveness and precision at contact★★★★★Buy From Amazon
The Cleveland Huntington Beach Center Shafted Soft Puttersophisticated center shaft mallet putter that is cheap★★★★Buy From Amazon

A confidence-inspiring putter design that matches your eye and stroke may save many strokes on the greens, and a decent flat stick is frequently a speedy method of getting the handicap down. As a result, selecting the appropriate one for you is critical! So, what are the considerations you should make before making a purchase?

Don’t worry; we can assist you in narrowing down your options and, in the end, provide you with a suitable reference point to jump off. The following are the five factors to think about while purchasing a putter:


The length of a putter is perhaps the most crucial factor to consider.

You may pick from three basic putter lengths: long, belly, and conventional. If you suffer “tremors,” often known as the yips, a belly putter or long putter may help. This issue will be solved since the putter will be connected to your stomach or chest, which will help to steady the putter during the stroke.

However, if you find long putters excessively uncomfortable due to their length, the belly putter achieves the same thing: it reduces “wristiness.” Plus, some putters now include changeable weights in the grip, allowing players to achieve the precise feel they desire.

The majority of typical shaft lengths range from 32 to 36 inches in length. This emphasizes the importance of choosing a putter that feels well in your hands and promotes a pendulum stroke with slight wrist motion. Make sure you’re comfortable and satisfied with your putter.


When it comes to putters, weight is a significant consideration. Everything matters, from the head weight to the shaft weight. It will disrupt the natural alignment of your strokes. 

As a result, you must purchase a putter with the appropriate weight. For example, a 35″ putter typically comprises a head weight of 330 grams. If you want a 34, “You should aim for a head weight of 350 to 360 grams in your putter. If you require a putter that is even shorter than 32″ to 33,” you might consider a 370- to 380-gram head weight.


Ensuring your putter fits the natural movement of your putting stroke is among the most critical parts of choosing the right putter. Straight back, straight through, gentle arc and strong arc are the four most prevalent types of putting strokes.

Toe hang is a term you should be aware of if you want to be confident you have the appropriate putter for your putting stroke. There are two kinds of putters: face-balanced and toe hang. A balanced face putter is one that you hold in your palm with the shaft aligned to the ground and the face pointing to the sky. A toe-balanced putter is one with the toe pointing toward the surface.


A face-balanced putter will help you achieve a square-to-square stroke. However, you’ll benefit from a toe-balanced putter if you wish to have an arc stroke, meaning the putter face will move up and down adjacent to the target, and the stroke will follow a slight curve.


Putter heads exist in various sizes and forms, but the two most common types are blades and mallets. Blades have a classic appearance, with long and narrow heads. Blade putter heads are often more lightweight than mallet putter heads, making them suited for quicker greens. In addition, because of the toe-weighted design of the clubhead, they benefit players who have an arc in their putting stroke.

In comparison to blades, mallet heads are heavier and have a more oversized head, approximately as broad from the face to the rear as they are from heel to toe. This head is best for slower greens when you avoid powerful strokes and have more control and accuracy. A mallet putter might also be a good option if you have alignment issues.


Insert, or milled putter faces are the two most common options. Face inserts are composed of a range of materials, some of which create a smoother and others a more severe impact feel. When you strike the ball, the sound it makes will indicate how forcefully you hit it and how far it will travel. Because inserts don’t give the same auditory feedback as milled putters, it’s essential to determine how you want your putts to sound and feel. Both kinds of faces feature patterns on them that aid in forwarding roll and skid reduction, as well as allowing putts trapped on the heel or toe of the putter to come off stronger and retain performance. 

You’ll know when you’ve found ‘the one’ in the end. Whenever you address the ball, it will sit perfectly. You’ll adore the way it feels. The balance and mass will be perfect, and you’ll almost always hit the sweet spot.

The 10 Best Putters Of 2022


  1.   The TaylorMade Spider X Putter

The TaylorMade Spider X is the most popular putter on the PGA Tour and can be spotted in the bags of several of the best players in the world, like Rory McIlroy, Jason Day, and Matthew Wolff. To commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Spider putter, TaylorMade completely revamped and optically designed the Spider X putter to give even more stability and a much more innovative approach to alignment.

TaylorMade simplified the head to cater to even more golfers optically. A 15-gram composite core complements its 320-gram steel frame. TaylorMade developers were able to move bulk from the center of the putter to the putting head’s perimeter due to this. In addition, the head is so well stabilized due to this composition that it has the exact exceptionally high moment of inertia (MOI) as the classic Spider but smaller. Simply said, the head’s weighing has been altered, making it slightly more streamlined and lighter, and the footprint is significantly smaller, but the performance remains unchanged.

best golf putter

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The Spider X concept is based on data gathered from over ten thousand putts from a distance of twelve feet, with findings demonstrating that golfers hit the ball more towards the toe of the putter 66 percent of the time – this is due to a parallax effect. This obviously posed a problem in terms of accuracy and dependability. As a result, the decision was taken to install a True Path optical technology on the club’s crown. True Path entails the addition of a sightline that increases concentration and allows golfers to visualize the ball’s Path after it is struck by the face, therefore eradicating the parallax effect.

Furthermore, the face insert comprises 80% Surlyn and 20% aluminum flakes to provide the same more rigid feel as the Spider Tour Black insert. The more oversized white surlyn Pure Roll face insert has been changed to improve sound and feel. The insert has 12 45-degree grooves that directly connect with the ball when it hits the ground, encouraging the best mix of smooth roll, precision, and distance control. The lower insert produces a more robust sound and has a more substantial feel, allowing you to obtain good auditory feedback to aid your putt judgment.

There’s a reason that TaylorMade employees Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, and Collin Morikawa, amongst others, use Pure Roll inserts on the PGA TOUR.

In short, by redesigning the weight characteristics of the head and adding a new optically designed True Path alignment system, TaylorMade’s Spider X putter completely changed the way we attain excellent stabilization and alignment, making it the #1 putter on the PGA Tour.

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  1. The Titleist Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Putter

The Titleist Scotty Cameron Newport 2 is regarded as one of the best premium putters on the market in 2022. The Special Select line includes eight classics, tour-inspired designs, including the Newport 2. In addition, the Newport 2’s manufacturing and entire appearance shout “luxury” since they’re built of quality materials and even have a beautiful grip.

The Titleist Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Special Select model is milled in the United States from a complete block of 303 stainless steel, then hand polished for increased uniformity and feel throughout the face. The broader square back employs an aluminum soleplate with steel weights to disperse mass along the periphery for improved stability. At the same time, the solid machined structure merges with hefty customized tungsten heel and toe weights. Sleeker shape and thinner toplines are also possible as a result of this.

best golf putter

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The topline had thickened over time to accommodate the mass, but tour players preferred the putter to sit flatter on the ground and seem slimmer; thus, the head form was rebuilt with a flatter, thinner topline, and a revamped plumbing neck. The revised neck is slightly further back in an attempt to optimize alignment and provide a good view of the ball for simple alignment. In addition, it has a three-dot pattern in the back cavity and a new soft tri-sole construction for simple aiming.

In addition, every Special Select putter comes with a redesigned Pistolini Plus grip that has a more significant, less-tapered low-hand portion to balance hand movement.

In conclusion, if you have a high handicap and prefer a bladed putter more than a mallet, this is among the most forgiving options that are available. The return to a “one-piece” design improves the feel and feedback while also improving the look. For most of their careers, Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth have both used a Scotty Cameron Newport 2 (or variants of it), which is about as resounding a recommendation as it gets.

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  1. The Odyssey Toulon Putter Series

The Odyssey Toulon range is designed for golfers who want a high-end assortment of traditional designs with contemporary assistance. Premium materials, intelligent design, professional artistry, elegant shape, and sophisticated performance technologies are combined in each Toulon Design Collection model.

All Toulon putters have soft 303 stainless steel faces machined with Deep Diamond (cross-hatched) grooves that enhance soft feel and sound, giving golfers the best feeling and control. Tiny grooves are cut into each diamond on the Deep Diamond milled face to enhance forward roll. While some other milled putters have a pleasing feel and sound, those with no groove pattern are susceptible to the skid effect at contact, resulting in uneven putts. Toulon putters include grooves that assist the ball move rapidly off the face, staying on-line, and reliably traveling the required distance.

best golf putter

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The putter’s revolutionary multi-material shaft saves 40 grams, which is transferred to the head and grip end. Essentially, rather than simply adding additional weight to a putter’s head, Odyssey has accomplished counterbalance without increasing weight, resulting in no loss of feeling. It rebalances the putter for more incredible stroke tempo and accuracy, and this major-winning design continues to rule on Tours across the world.

Toulon Design putters also come with weighted sole plates that can be adjusted in 7, 20, or 40 grams, enabling blade versions to have head weights ranging from 350 grams to 383 grams and mallet head weights ranging from 360 grams to 400 grams. Toulon also employs a charcoal finish for this series, which reduces glare and gives it a compact, contemporary appearance at address.

Finally, the Odyssey Toulon putters are offered in the right- and left-handed combinations in four-mallet head types (Atlanta, Memphis, Portland, and Indianapolis) and five-blade styles (Austin, Columbus, Long Island, Madison, and San Diego). Every model also has the Stroke Lab option, a steel-and-graphite hybrid shaft that increases pace and uniformity.

All in all, Toulon putters are taking the lead in 2022, constructed from the finest materials and having a state-of-the-art Deep Diamond milled face. You won’t find anything better than an Odyssey Toulon putter if you’re a golfer of any skill level seeking a customized putter with cutting-edge engineering and innovation.

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  1. The PING Series Putters

The PING Series putters for 2021 provide two distinct advantages: stability and predictability in both feel and function, with the brand guaranteeing to enhance greens outcomes. The range includes 11 blade and mallet types to accommodate every stroke style, from powerful arc to moderate arc to straight-back, straight-through strokes. However, there are a few things that they all share in common.

For starters, the 2021 series is constructed with dual-durometer Pebax face inserts to provide a comfortable texture. Pebax is a material that Ping has previously utilized in putters like the Sigma 2 series. It’s lightweight, soft on contact, and does a great job transferring energy back to the ball. Ping employed two Pebax layers in the 2021 putters. The outer surface was softer for accuracy on shorter putts. The more complex rear layer provided good feedback and distance control for whacking longer-range putts and increasing overall consistency.

best golf putter

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In addition, the grooves on the face provide assistance. Thanks to the PLD system, the groove is a consistent five-thousandths of an inch depth, resulting in a somewhat softer impact sensation while maintaining full ball speed as if you had a completely smooth face. Plus, three only PING grip types let players fine-tune their fit and feel.


The PING 2021 putters also feature a multi-material design that improves performance across all head shapes. PING can improve MOI and forgiveness while adjusting the center of gravity placement inside each model to make them much more forgiving by employing a unique blend of 17-4 stainless steel, aluminum, and tungsten. Even if you don’t strike the ball in the middle of the face, the front heel and toe tungsten weights assist every putter model steady.

Finally, the 2021 putters have a dark PVD finish on the heads and a black chrome shaft to decrease glare at the address. All versions come with a fixed-length shaft customized in one-quarter-inch intervals from 32 to 38 inches. Ping’s flexible shaft (standard on the Sigma 2 series) is offered as a bespoke modification and adjusts from 32 to 36 inches. There are three grip choices available from the manufacturer.

In conclusion, Ping’s 2021 series of putters are worth considering since they’re loaded with technology on the face to assist players in rolling the ball better, and they’re clean and sharp from the start.

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  1. The Cleveland Frontline Elevado Putter

Although Cleveland has a comprehensive range of putters, we prefer the Cleveland Frontline Elevado Putter. The Frontline Elevado is a mid-mallet of the Frontline family of mallets, which was expanded in 2021 to include more head shapes and hosel choices.

Many putter manufacturers place weight at the rear of the head, but Cleveland took the opposite approach with the Frontline series, placing tungsten weights in the heel and toe regions. According to Cleveland’s development team, a golf putter with centre of gravity in the back becomes less precise than one with a centre of gravity in the face, hence why Frontline boasts two Metal Injection Molded Tungsten weights in the front. Furthermore, the weights in the face shifts the centre of gravity forward, which enhances greenside consistency and helps golfers hit straighter putts by boosting stability.

best golf putter

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Because tempo is just as essential as distance when it comes to sinking putts, Cleveland attempted to highlight the difference in the distance when the ball is hit in the middle of the putter face vs. off-center shots. They used Speed Optimized Face Technology to do this. The Speed Optimized Face Technology normalizes ball speed throughout the face, ensuring consistent speed and distance regardless of where you make your putt. Because of this system, you’ll never miss a putt since you hit it off-center.

In addition, the Frontline putters include the manufacturer’s targeting technology, which provides alignment markings positioned at 21.35 millimeters above the putter’s sole to align with the ball’s center point. The goal is to make aligning the putter to the target simpler independent of the player’s eye located at the address.


Lastly, there are seven distinct Frontline putters to choose from. The Elevado operates in 3 distinctive hosel designs for players who have a slightly arched or straight putting stroke, with added weight in the heel and toe regions.

To summarise, the Cleveland Frontline Elevado is a winged blade putter made for golfers who use a straight-back, straight-through putting stroke.

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  1. The Evnroll ER11V Putter

The ER11V, the premium model in the latest Evnroll V Series putters, is a high-performance mallet that offers forgiveness and stability while maintaining a sleek and compact appearance. The whole of the ER11V is designed to be forgiving and unforgiving, yet the putts stay on the intended line. And the ER11V is, without a doubt, the best putter for forgiveness.

First and foremost, the face on all Evnroll putters is based on the proprietary ‘Sweet Face Technology,’ a distinctive mill pattern intended to provide consistency over the whole face, transforming the putter’s sweet spot into a sweet face. The mill design features large grooves in the center of the face that shrinks as you move farther away from it toward the heel or toe. At impact, its structure improves forward roll and gradually redirects mis-hits down the intended line. As a result, the pace at which the golf ball glides off the face will be more consistent.

best golf putter

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The front of the body is composed of black anodized 6061 aluminum, and it has a distinctive ball-sized gripping hole right behind the striking region that moves the mass outward and backward for increased MOI (Moment of Inertia). The MOI is very high thanks to the replaceable 303 stainless steel weights placed on the extreme backward outside borders. This magnificent high-performance mallet putter integrates ultra-high MOI, V-Series hosel choices, and rearward customizable weighting into one magnificent putter. This is not only the most forgiving putter on the market, but it is also the most customizable putter Evnroll has ever produced.

Evnroll provides a range of slants to help with toe hang design, allowing you to raise or reduce the amount of toe hang. Evnroll has four replaceable hosels: short Slant, short plumber, long plumber, and long Slant. Each is designed for a particular sort of putting stroke and creates a different degree of offset.

Short Slant creates the most toe hang for golfers with a strong arc in their putting stroke to ensure efficient movement on the putter face. On the other hand, a long Slant causes very little face motion in golfers with a slight arc in their putting stroke. In addition, putters with a long slant have a two-shaft offset and a loft two degrees higher. Last, Short Plumber’s Neck generates a mild toe hang for golfers with a modest arc in their putting stroke.


Finally, the other golf putters in the V Series feature the same cutting-edge technologies in the head and various shaft bends, allowing players to choose an Evnroll putter that perfectly matches their putting stroke.

Taking everything into account, the Evnroll ER11V is the perfect putter for players who desire a highly forgiving putter while still having trouble maintaining consistent roll and tempo control. This Evnroll ER11V Mallet putter’s proven technology speaks for itself. The majority of players now choose the mallet shape putter because of its better forgiveness.

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7.The TaylorMade Spider S Putter

Spider S is made of high-quality materials and has the greatest MOI of any TaylorMade putter. In addition, TaylorMade’s Spider S putter is touted to include various critical innovations that offer optimum stability and forgiveness, making it one of the most forgiving putters in 2022! 

To begin, the Spider S putter is made of high-grade 6061 aluminum that has been 100% machine processed for accurate shape. Two 48g tungsten sole weights are carefully positioned on the heel and toe of the frame, adding sturdiness while also enhancing the CG placement. In addition, the lighter aluminum body enables more weight to be placed in the rear and periphery of the head, resulting in a higher MOI rating and shallower center of gravity. This is what helps make a putter more forgiving. The Spider S is the most forgiving version in the Spider line in 2022, with an MOI value of nearly 6,000.

best golf putter

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On the rear of the putter head is a hefty tungsten bar that varies in weight from 55 to 80 grams based on the putter length. This aids in the maintenance of a good, balanced weight distribution all across the head. The new Spider S putters also include their distinctive Pure Roll insert, which improves sound and feel, and 45-degree grooves that boost topspin, assist the ball launch and remain on its intended line.

To top it off, TaylorMade’s Spider S putters have the KBS Stepless CT Stability shaft. This steel shaft has been strengthened throughout to make it even more robust, allowing you to execute a smooth, effortless putting stroke without fear of the shaft snapping or bending. In addition, to level the face of the Spider S putters, these shafts include a single bend hosel.

Overall, the TaylorMade Spider S putters are face-balanced, making them an excellent choice for players with a straight-back, straight-through putting stroke. In addition, the functionality of these TaylorMade golf clubs will appeal to any golfer who might benefit from more stability and forgiveness or who prefers the heavier, more solid feel of additional weight.

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8.The Odyssey White Hot OG Line

Odyssey paid tribute to the much-loved putter series that debuted 20 years ago with the White Hot OG line, released in 2021. The White Hot OG series consists of seven putters, each with a traditional chrome finish and black alignment elements, making it one of the best putters for ordinary players.

Approximately half of the putters Odyssey makes for tour players are still wanted with an original White Hot face insert, even though the original was released 20 years ago. The White Insert material on the Hot OG line is the same as the cover on Callaway’s Rule 35 golf ball, which is much more impressive. It feels solid to the touch, yet when pressed, it deforms into a soft substance. When players hit putts hard, specific putter inserts feel excessively soft or sound overly quiet, causing distance control issues. The White Hot makes a gentle clicking sound on short putts, but on longer putts that are struck harder, it makes a sharper, higher-toned clicking sound.

best golf putter

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On all surfaces, Odyssey designers have blended a lustrous silver PVD coating with fine milling, and the stunning patterns will catch any golfer’s eye, instilling confidence during the most crucial moments of a round. However, the detachable weights and two different grey metals on the OG’s sole set it apart from its predecessor.

Lastly, the White Hot OG has a high-performance shaft and a grey DFX flat-front grip to decrease twisting and boost MOI as the putter travels through the golf ball. Novice golfers and high handicappers will improve their precision and hold the ball on the intended line as a consequence. Furthermore, the grey Odyssey DFX Rubber grip contrasts beautifully with the red of the shaft, and it almost resembles the head, and it’s an ergonomic shape with a solid feel.

In short, there aren’t many better alternatives than the Odyssey White Hot OG if you’re looking for an upgraded premium putter. This putter has a premium appearance, and the Stroke Lab shaft provides a contemporary, counterbalanced feel when swinging.

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  1. The Bettinardi Queen B #11 Putter

With his all-new Queen B 11 for the 2021-22 Queen B Series, Robert Bettinardi maintains his artistry and creativity. The widebody blade Queen B6, the crescent neck condensed Queen B 11, a compressed mallet with the distinctive Bettinardi crescent neck, and the conventional blade-style Queen B 12 are among the Queen B models milled to 362 grams.

The Queen B series introduced a brand-new rose gold PVD coating in 2021, which will add visual appeal to the Queen B line’s characteristics. Based on the lighting, the new hue might seem like fresh copper or a brown-like bronze. However, this beautiful finish not only improves each model’s timeless beauty, but it’s also long-lasting and glare-resistant, allowing for better visual information on the greens and a more confident demeanor at every critical putt. In addition, the other surfaces have a satin-like texture that makes striking considerably easier.


The honeycomb milled face is a feature of all Queen B putters. The slicer produces the face vertically rather than skimming over it, which Bettinardi claims is significantly more precise and accurate. In addition, the edges are razor-sharp, which is impossible to achieve when casting and hand-polishing putters. The head is one-piece machining, this time made of mild carbon steel, and its form aligns the center of gravity with the center of the face, as is customary. The toe-hang angle is created by the crescent-milled neck, which works well with a moderate arcing stroke.

The Bettinardi Lamkin SINK Fit sapphire blue grip is crafted with a tour-grade shaft, complementing a deluxe headcover and Bettinardi Lamkin SINK Fit sapphire blue grip in regular or regular giant size.

Everything considered Queen B11 is skillfully created for the player seeking a more conventional condensed mallet. In addition, the putter’s design places the center of gravity exactly in the center of the head for optimum forgiveness and precision at contact, making it one of the best golf putters of 2022.

  1.   The Cleveland Huntington Beach Center Shafted Soft Putter #11 

Cleveland’s Huntington Beach putters are renowned for their standard and practical designs that encourage a smoother swing and more coherent roll, even on chip shots. The Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft Putter #11 Center Shaft is one of Cleveland’s most highly ranked center shafted mallet putters. This center shaft mallet putter is 35 inches long and is constructed using 304 soft stainless steel, providing an excellent feel for increased trust on the greens. Tensile strength tests performed by Cleveland Golf demonstrate that 304 stainless steel is 51 percent softer than 17-4 stainless steel.

This non-traditional center shaft mallet putter is available in three lengths: 33, 34, and 35 inches. The putter head resembles a mallet, but it is more contemporary in appearance. The putter is available in silver and has a loft of 3 degrees, making it great for right-handed golfers. 

best golf putter

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The Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft Putter #11 Center Shaft has a speed-optimized sweet spot on the face, which helps you obtain clear distance and a smoother roll on mishit or uncentered shots. This is accomplished by enhancing stroke stability and assisting golfers in perfecting their straightforward and straight back and putting strokes. Cleveland created a unique Diamond Texture on the putter’s face to improve overall topspin and provide a more coherent role. While the texture runs the clubface’s length, the more significant pressure is found in the center. This one-of-a-kind diamond CNC milling pattern with deep grooves gives a soft feel and a smooth on-line roll. It is advantageous to roll the ball directly into the hole. 

The center of gravity on the Huntington Beach center shaft putter is not adjustable, but there is an optimized CG on each side of the putter, which is a tweak to this generation of the Huntington Beach line putters. Stability and balance are improved via longer shots as a result of this. A standard midsize grip is included with each putter. Last but not least, its six Tour-proven shapes complement all golfers’ strokes and styles. 

To summarise, the Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 11 Center Mallet Shafted putter is a sophisticated center shaft mallet putter that is cheap, has a soft feel, and is perfect for golfers striving to enhance their putts’ spend and distance control.

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